• 6.4 Conformist

    6.4 Conformist
    I was watching Taylors video about her grandpa, she mentioned that in high school, he started hanging out with a bad group of people and started getting into trouble. He was conforming to his peer group in order to fit in. This is typically the conformist stage. When I was in high school I was typically shy and while my peer group in high school wasn't a big bad influence, that peer group introduced me to saying bad words more casually and I copied them to fit in
  • 7.2 Transitions

    7.2 Transitions
    From conformist to Indivualistic: During college, I was able to study different topics and venture into different topics and learn about them without external influence and pressure from family. The text mentions that leaving home to college can trigger this experience, that happened to me. Intentional actions that triggered this was learning about different religions through class and online.
  • 1.1 The Begining

    1.1 The Begining
    I believe my adulthood started in August of 2017 when I was 17 years old.
    The normative age-graded event occurred when I moved to Gallaudet. It was the first time I was living on my own across the country and I learned how to navigate a big city by myself, as well as learning about finances, and common adult skills, as well as my identity in the Deaf community.
  • 7.3 major life event

    7.3 major life event
    A major life event from the inventory scale was a " Major change in the number of family get togethers". During January of sophomore year, I was experiencing extreme isolation because I had gone back to school for swim training. This was after the holidays where my family is usually together all the time, but suddenly I was back to school 3,000 miles away and felt horribly homesick. To cope I distracted myself with extensive swim training. According to the text, this is called, self-distract.
  • 4.1 Young Adult Role Transition

    4.1 Young Adult Role Transition
    In 2021 i will be 21, and just graduated college to enter the real world. I am no longer a child and my every need is no longer catered by my parents. While I do have some support, I have to figure out how to be more independent in order to thrive in the real world. I have to learn about taxes, homeowning, car maintenance etc. But as an adult I am free to explore myself, my identities, the opportunity to pursue the careers I want.
  • 7.1 Fowler

    7.1 Fowler
    The stage that most fits me is, Indivduative-reflective Faith. This stage fits me the most, for several reasons. Growing up I was raised catholic and followed the religion. As I got older, in these most recent years, I started forming my own thoughts and moved the perception of an external authority to an internal one, and moved away from organized religion. As I moved away from religion and its followings, I made my own groups and who I choose to follow and interact with based on my own beliefs
  • 2.3 My current healthy lifestyle

    2.3 My current healthy lifestyle
    After looking at my survey answers, I realize that there are changes to be made to my lifestyle. Living in the dorm during the pandemic it's hard to keep a healthy lifestyle. My food choices are limited to whats offered at the cafeteria. If I were to have more options, I would get more healthy fruit and vegetables and cook more variety of creative food options. I also should take more walks around campus and do more outdoor activities such as rollerskating.
  • 4.3 Adulthood Attachment Style

    4.3 Adulthood Attachment Style
    Survey: B:
    My Attachment style is " preoccupied" with high anxiety, and my avoidance score is a 3.33, a low but considerable amount of avoidance. I tend to agree with this score. Using the Convoy Model, I examine my inner circle relationships. Even though I trust my inner circle, I always feel anxious that one day they will turn on me. I feel like even though I express my emotions I tend to keep others at arm's length in order to protect myself from getting hurt.
  • 2.2 Genetic limits

    2.2 Genetic limits
    Embryo cells from long-living species such as Galapagos turtles will be inserted into the human bloodstreams similar to the dialysis process. Inserting the cells from the turtles will change the hayflick limit in humans. It's best to start this process when people are in the prime of their life in order for the telomere length to stay as long as possible. Can negatively affect the quality of life since people will need to go through a similar process to dialysis and will take up time and energy
  • 6.1 My RIASEC type

    6.1 My RIASEC type
    My score was highest for the artist vocation with 29. That vocation according to the text that matches me is imagining and creating, and I don't like structure or physical work. Some of the jobs involved that would match me is photography, and cooks, which are thing that I enjoy that I can make a career out of. Luckily, the career I want to pursue is a Mental Health Counselor which also is part of the artistic vocation.
  • 2.4 Potential consequences of my lifestyle

    2.4 Potential consequences of my lifestyle
    My current lifestyle presents a risk for health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease. Diabetes is a big one as the disease already runs in my family, so I need to be more careful in order to prevent myself from getting it. In my current lifestyle, I make sure to apply sunscreen whenever I know I will be exposed to sunlight for a considerate amount of time, especially living in a sunny environment like California which will help prevent getting skin cancer.
  • 4.2 Middle Adulthood Role Transition

    4.2 Middle Adulthood Role Transition
    As a middle-aged person, my life is pretty much stable, my kids can take care of themselves mostly, although I worry about them as a parent does, if they will make the right decisions in life, I have to try and trust myself that I did a good job as a parent and to trust them as people. I also worry about my parents who are growing older but i do what I can to make sure they are taken care of. I mostly look forward to retirement in a few years and my grandchildren that i will have later.
  • 2.1 Oxidative Damage

    2.1 Oxidative Damage
    In order to stop the oxidative damage process that results in primary aging, I will develop a medicine that can be used in a CPAP machine. The medicine is a liquid that can be inserted into the machine to replace water that contains antioxidants that will protect against oxidative damage. People should start using this at age 50 and wear it while sleeping, not only will it not affect the quality of life, it will improve sleep quality as a CPAP machine was made to do.
  • 6.2 Super's Stages

    6.2 Super's Stages
    I chose Matinence. The career, I chose would be a Mental Health Counselor. In the year 2055, ideally, I would have been doing this for at least 20 years. I would have an experience that would allow me to help those of different ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. As part of maintenance, I would continue to adjust my counseling approaches to benefit my clients but also so I could be able to become skilled in my own approaches and learn how and when I need to apply certain approaches and to who.
  • 3.2 Decision making

    3.2 Decision making
    Making decisions are part of daily life, when getting older, making decisions can be a bit harder due to cognitive limitations and the complexity of the decision that needs to be made. When shopping at the store, a person needs to make many decisions on what to buy and a specific product on what to use, an older person may feel stuck on what to buy. To compensate for the indecision, the person will use past life experiences or the product that brings them the most positive satisfaction.
  • 6.4 Autonomous and integrated stages

    6.4 Autonomous and integrated stages
    I watched Lucys video about her grandma. Lucys grandma mentioned that growing older, she isn't concerned about little things anymore and seems to not see life as not too bad or too good. Also mentioned that feels less of a burden with her own children and grandchildren because of the less responsibilities. This fits in with this stage as those in this stage feel the same as Lucys Grandma.
  • 8.1 The End

    8.1 The End
    Elisa Castillo was born on September 22, 1999. She was a devoted mother and grandmother. For much of her life, she was a devoted mental health counselor and helped many disadvantaged communities by setting up scholarships for undocumented students.. In her final years after her retirement, she completed her bucket list. Her final activity made her legendary as she was the first person to bungee jump from the moon to earth. She will be missed and cherished by many. Billie Eilish will host Funeral
  • 3.1 Attention

    3.1 Attention
    An ADL where a decrease in attention can be dangerous is cooking. Eating is an everyday activity where cooking at home is sometimes required. When cooking things on a stove or an oven, paying attention is required to prevent a fire from starting. To compensate and prevent a disaster, a person may want to call their family members for help cooking, bringing over meals, or setting a timer that specific for the oven/stove