Eesha and muskaan's lifeline

By muskaan
  • The magnificant day of me and my twin!!

    The magnificant day of me and my twin!!
    On 14th October 1999, it was a very speacial occasion for the family and the world because i entered the world of the Rupani's. The only thing was that my twin brother named Armaan was born on the exact ame day, exact sam, year and the exactly same month but only i was born a minute before my brother. till date we aer the only twins in th efamly that is why we are called the speacial babies ever since we were born!
  • My birthday Eesha ( the great! )

    On this day i was born at about 10:00am in Kobe, Japan. my parent were very happy because i was their first child. Being their first child.
  • My cousins birth!

    On December 12th 2000 was a speacial day for me because my cousin named Ashi was born just a year after I was.
  • We moved to philipines!

    We moved to philipines when i was 2 years old. i was a small little cute girl who would smile even to a person i never met.
  • My 2nd diwali at my loving grandparents home in ghanna!!!

    On that occasion, the night of diwali, my family and i celebrated our second diwali throwing a huge party full of people dancing and singing as me and my twin brother were the only children born from my moms side of the family. We were the speacial ones!!
  • my little brother's birth ( the happiest momment of my life )

    On this day my brother was born. His name is miheer. from the day he came home i treated him like a baby doll.
  • Going on ROYAL CAREBIAN!! (cruise ship)

    In Decemer we had gone on a ginormous criuse ship the entire family from my dad's side. It was one of the best cruises that i have ever been on!! we all had a blast! It traveled with us all the wayy from singapore to maiami.
  • Moved to Sinagpore!!

    In 2007 my incredible famiy and i moved to Singapore. Before we moved to Singapore , we lived in Nigeria, Africa. we moved because my parents thought that if they had the oppotunity to give us a better education,why not? So we moved! Altough my father does travel every 2-3 months for his work.
  • My cousin was born ( he is the cuttest of all )

    On this day my cousin was born and it was a big surprise because he was going to be a girl baby not a boy. he is the cuttest anyway. My cousin and i have 10 years difference in our age. Isn't that a lot!
  • We moved back to Singapore

    We were previously living in sigapore but moved out and now came back.
  • Mom and dad's 19th Anniversary!

    Mom and dad's 19th Anniversary!
    On 19th january 2011, it was a ver speacial day for me as it was my parents 19th anniversary. we celebrated it in a very speacial way, we went to sta at the Marina Bay Sands for a night and eating a yummy meal over there for dinner! It wa sthe most memorable day of my parents life!
  • My parents anniversary

    On this day me and my brother celebrated our parents anniversary, since their anniversary was the next day. we had decorated the whole house in 15 minuts when our parents were down stairs. i think it was a pretty big surprise for them as they didn't know that we were going to celebrate their anniversary today.