EDRE 2204

Timeline created by queens16
  • Graduated High School

    Graduated High School
    I graduated high school and had already been accepted to Shawnee's BSOT 3+2 Occupational Therapy Program. Little did I know this would soon change.
  • Started Shawnee State University

    Started Shawnee State University
    I started to attend Shawnee and spent my freshman year in the dorms on campus. I had an okay time but after that year realized I didn't want to continue to live here.
  • Went to The Haunt at Kings Island

    Went to The Haunt at Kings Island
    I love Halloween and that is also my birthday too! I had never been before to this event but talked my roommates into going with me for my Birthday. I had a great time and got to bond with my new friends.
  • Got a new dog!

    Got a new dog!
    I saw her picture and knew she needed to be in my life. Her name is Luna and the owner had no one to take her. She was the runt of the pack and if no one claimed her they were going to put her down. How could someone not take someone this cute???
  • Turned 21!

    Turned 21!
    I did a whole Halloween photo shoot for my Birthday because that is just how obsessed I am with the holiday!!
  • Changed my major to Education

    There was something inside of me that said education is the path for you. My Occupational Therapy path was not going well and something had to change.
  • Started EDRE 2204

    I hope by being enrolled in this class I can develop the skills needed to help children read and excel to the best of their abilities. In this class I plan to develop a better understanding of what it takes for a child to be a certain stages in their phonics process for school depending on their age and grade level. I hope to be able to determine where a child is struggling or how to push them to the next level.