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ECOMP 6203 Introduction- Rocha

  • Graduated from High School

    Graduated from High School
    It's time to focus on school and get that teaching career started.
  • Graduated from Notre Dame de Namur

    Graduated from Notre Dame de Namur
    Such an accomplishment and one step closer to my teaching credential.
  • Received Single Subject Teaching Credential in English

    Received Single Subject Teaching Credential in English
    Woo Hoo!!!!!
  • First Teaching Job

    First Teaching Job
    Newark Memorial High School
    Newark, CA
  • New Opportunities

    New Opportunities
    I spent the next four years at Foothill High School in Pleasanton, as a high school English teacher.
  • Said I do

    Said I do
    Married the love of my life, and my best friend. Truly an honor to be married to such an amazing husband and father. Could not find any digital wedding pictures, so my anniversary picture will have to do :-)
  • We welcome a baby!

    We welcome a baby!
    Our son Joseph was born this year! Of course, could not find an accessible baby picture of Joey. He is a die-hard Yankees fan and plays on a tournament baseball team and proudly wears the number 3.
  • 6+1 Training

    6+1 Training
    Got to meet Vicki Spandel and participate in amazing workshop on writing.
  • The Rocha family is on the move

    The Rocha family is on the move
    Our familiy moves to Roseville, CA. Thus begins my teacher career at Roseville High.
  • Adavanced Placement Training

    Adavanced Placement Training
    I spent a week of my summer training to teach AP literature.
  • Assessment Bound

    Assessment Bound
    This year I was part of a district-wide team to implement the practices of Richard Stiggins.
  • It's a girl!

    It's a girl!
    This year we welcomed our daugher, Mattie Grace into the world.
  • I need a Master's

    I need a Master's
    As if having a baby was not enough, I decided it was time to pursue my Master's degree. I decided upon Lesley University and little did I know that landed me a part-time job in addition to teaching as a Site Coordinator.
  • Marzano and Marzano

    Marzano and Marzano
    My district asked me to travel to Washington to become my site building trainer in the PLC process. What a journey, I was pregnant with baby number 3. I love the ideas of PLC and as an administrator, I hope have my entire site trained in this process.
  • We welcome another baby girl!

    We welcome another baby girl!
    Our daughter Macie Faith was born today.
  • A little change up

    A little change up
    This year I am teaching English Language Learners and Leadership students. It's a new adventure. Always reading for a new challenge.
  • An Award

    An Award
    I received the "Teacher Who Makes a Difference" award from my administration- I was SO honored.
  • A Few Moments

    A Few Moments
    This day changed my life forever. I was in a major car accident coming home from an Acadmic Decathlon competition. I suffered major injuries, have undergone several surgeries, and still struggle every day.
  • Even when it's the worst

    Even when it's the worst
    Something good happens. My Master's program is finally underway. I just hope with all my physical constraints and health issues, I will perservere.
  • New Venture

    New Venture
    It's bittwersweet. Due to contained physical limitations, I am not able to work in the traditional classroom setting. I was offered a job as an Academic Dean at a small private school that my children attend. I miss the classroom more than I ever could imagine I would. Looking to utilize my talents in the online teaching world.