Early Canadian Explorers

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  • Jan 1, 1003

    Leif Ericsson

    Leif Ericsson
    After Ericsson was sailing along the coast of North America, He had noted areas like "sandy beaches" and "land woods". Ericsson then arrived to an area called "Vinland" had landed here.
    (infomation from mr grants class website under social studies timeline)
  • Period:
    Jan 1, 1400

    Canadian Land Discoveries

  • May 2, 1497

    John Cabot

    John Cabot
    John Cabot had landed in Newfoundland and Labrador, nova scotia, thinking that e had landed in Asia.
    Information from http://members.shaw.ca/kcic1/explorer.html
  • Apr 8, 1534

    Jacques Cartier

    Jacques Cartier
    Jacqus Cartier was looking for a passage to China. He had set sail in April 1534. he reached Newfoundland in 20 days. He had sailed through a strait of a Belle Isle bewteen Newfondland and labrador. He rounded the entire Gulf of Gaspe peninsula.
    Information from http://members.shaw.ca/kcic1/explorer.html
  • Oct 13, 1576

    Martin Frobisher

    Martin Frobisher
    In 1576, Frobisher made three trips to Canada, and thought he found gold on Baffin Island; he claimed the island for England. He also discovered Resolution Island and Frobisher Bay. In 1578, Frobisher sailed 15 ships up the Hudson Strait, and set up a temporary mining settlement near Frobisher Bay. and formed a mining company the Cathay Company. (information from http://members.shaw.ca/kcic1/explorer.html)
  • Samuel De Champlain

    Samuel De Champlain
    1604-1607 Champlain charted the coast of Nova Scotia to Bay of Fundy. 1608 he found a colony in Port Royal, Nova Scotia. He led 32 colonists to settle Qubec to establish a fur trading post. 1609, he befriended Huron Indians and helped them fight the Iroquois beginning150 years of hostility between Iroquois and French. He discovered Lake Champlain; and led a Quebec settlement until English took the Fort in1629. He became governor in 1633.Information from http://members.shaw.ca/kcic1/explorer.html
  • Henry Hudson

    Henry Hudson
    Henry Hudson was looking for a Northwest passage to Asia. He discoveered Hudson Bay and Hudson River. On his last voyage1610, rebellious mutineers seized Hudson, and crew set them adrift without providions; they were never heard from. (infrmation from http://members.shaw.ca/kcic1/exporer.html)
  • James Cook

    James Cook
    James Cook sailed up the northwest coast of North America, and was the first European to the land Vancouver Island in British Columbia. He had contuined up the coast through th Bering strait, and entered the Artic Ocean.
  • Alexandeer Mackenzie

    Alexandeer Mackenzie
    He emigrated to Canada in 1779; he explored,charted the Mackenzie River to the Pacific Ocean. From 1788-1796, he commanded the trading post Fort Chipewyan, on Lake Athabasca in Alberta. 1789, Mackenzie went on an expedition to chart the Mackenzie River,from the Great Slave Lake to the mouth of the Mackenzie in the Arctic Ocean. Information from http://members.shaw.ca/kcic1/explorer.html
  • George Vancouver

    George Vancouver
    Vancouer came to the Pacific coast of North America, where he explored the coast from San Fransisco to Southern Alsaka. Capt. Vancouver circumnavigated the coast of Vancouver Island, and then mapped th Pacific coast of B.C. bewteen 1792 and 1794. Information from http://members.shaw.ca/kcic1/explorer.html
  • David Thompson

    David Thompson
    In 1814, Thompson revised all of his surveys into a second great map that measured six and a half by ten feet long. The revised David Thompson map showed an accurate location of all the North West Company posts. ( information from http://members.shaw.ca/kcic1/exporer,html)