Duy's family timeline

  • my dad's birthday

    that's the time,my dad was born.every things was ok! my grand parent so happy too!
  • my Mom's birthday

    that was the day,my grandmother lay out my mother. she was very happy.
  • thay day my parent got married

    my mom and my dad was be husband and wife. they loved together when they was young until that day,they got married and lay out me
  • my birthday

    my birthday
    my mom lay out me,she was very happy when she knew i'm a boy
  • my first day at school

    my first day at school
    when i was 2 years old,my mom took me to kindergarten. i felt so scared,so worry but my mom said "don't worry sweety. be strong,i hoped many things about you!" i was feeling happy when my mom say that but my tear still dropped and i walk with my mom slowly slowly...
    when my mom and i came to school,i too much people and i was cried very much,i hug my mom and did't want to let my mom go. my mom smile and just walk away,i was scare but the teachers and kids very friendly than i felt ok
  • my first day in primary school

    i came to primary school and feel so good ! like i was higher. the teacher saw me,she was verry surprice because i'm the biggest in my class haha
  • my first day at secondary school

    i came to grade 6,i had many newfirends. my homeroom teacher was read the rules for allclass.
  • my scarry day

    i was very scare at that day! my home lost power,i just stayed at home alone.. i opened the window,saw aroud and i saw some things so crazy..that things like the black people can fly aroud my house. i really cared and tried to sleep .
  • times in singapore

    i came to the lion's country,i saw many things beautiful. every things clearn,the trees,house,street. it's small but a beautiful country
  • times in Hong Kong

    my Mom and i came to Hong Kong,i saw many delicious !That's why many people fat in that country i thinks so . the cloth was beautiful too. I bought many things. i came to Disneyland too,that was a Brilliant place! i love that place so much!
  • Times in Thailand

    my mother and i came to ThaiLand,the really really hot country! we came to many place,shopping so much. i had skydriving too! i love it!
  • my mom was remarriage

    because my some problem,my dad and my mom had to say good bye.and at 9/6/2010 , i mom was remarriage
  • my first day at hight school

    my first day at hight school
    every things was ok,i was getting up and went to school. i had breakfast,had some new friends,learned more lesson and went back home
  • my lovely day

    that was my birthday,my best friends and i came to the cinema,we saw a film,go to the KFC and the last was in coffe store. i love that day so much !
  • my sister's birthday

    when my mom and my new dad got married,the lay out a kid,that's my sister,she look so cute!
  • the best vacation with my class in Ha Long Bay

    we came to HaLong Bay,stayed in a hotel. that's was so fun,5 boys in a room haha. we came to the Sung Sot cave by a boat. we took many picture,that' was so fun!
  • times in England <3

    times in England <3
    every things was so so perfect,i love England. the weather was so good,i met more international friends form Endland,russia,intaly and Turkey.i was learn many things. shop in many place too
  • my stupid day

    that day i have done one so so so stupid thing! that's make my mom very sad. i felt so angry,so sad,so worry,so stupid in that day cause it took my free!
  • Times in Da Nang & Hoi An

    my best friend and i came to Da Nang and Hoi An ! every things was perfect! the beautiful Beach ,beautiful city,beautiful and perfect Furama hotel!
  • yesterday borring of me

    the morning : i got up,go to the hospital with my mom because her leg was hurt. afternoon,i just sat with the computer and the time was still runing until the evening,i go to my cousin's birth day,i saw a beautiful girl but i couldn't ask her phone number because i was shy..haizz i felt so borring so stupid
  • Last X mas

    i was verry like that cold weather. my friend and i always go drink coffe. we didn't have to go to school!