Dorcas P

  • Pre-natal Development - Zygote

    Conceived - Zygote
  • Pre-natal Development - Embryo

  • Pre-natal Development - Fetus

  • Birth

    I was born in Wolverhampton, England, UK.
  • Birth - Reflexes

    Reflexes or involuntary movements included - sucking, grasping, starting listening
  • Period: to

    Birth - Death

  • Biosocial - birth weight

    Birth weight doubled - approximately 12 lb
  • Sit up unsupported

  • 1st Birthday -

  • The First Two years - Cognitive First words

    I am beginning to learn the art of language
  • The First Two Years - Biosocial - Walk

    It was likely that somewhere around 12 months I would be walking
  • 2nd Birthday

    Body weight has quadrupled. Brain weight tripled.
  • 3rd Birthday

    I think I went to a nursery around this age. I don't quite remember.
  • 4th Birthday

  • The School Years - Cognitive - Start School

    In the UK, all children start school at aged 5.
  • My sister went to live with my Auntie

    I was about 6, one day, my parents decided to take us to see my aunty, about 150 miles away. About a week later, they left, with my brother and I leaving my 13 year old sister behind...
  • The School Years - Biosocial - Began to learn to play the piano

    Around age 6, my father bought a piano, my brother and I began piano lessons.
  • The School Years - Biosocial - Learned to touch-type

    My father wanted to engage in useful activities, therefore he taught us to touch-type.
  • Moved to Parkdale School

    I moved to a new school because the previous school was not meeting my educational needs. I was around 9 years old
  • 10th Birthday

  • Father left for the US

    My father was made redundant from Goodyear. He moved to the US for 2 years. My mother, brother and sister stayed in the UK.
  • Adolescence - Moved to Ely House School

    Parkdale School was a primary school which taught children to the age of 11. It was time for me to move to a secondary school. It was a girls school, not a good choice, the curriculum was aimed more at teaching girls to be 'good housewives'... mmmm?
  • Moved to Tettenhall College School

    Ely House Girls School closed down (yay!). Moved to a mixed school which had an excellent curriculum and facilities. My favourite lessons were Religious Studies, English Literature, Art, Economics, and I loved to run cross country and play squash.
  • Competed in School Athletics Teams

    I loved the long jump, relay and javelin.
  • Began attending church

    I enjoyed going to Youth events on Friday as I would see my best friend.
  • Achieved 3 A-levels

    Achieved 3 A-levels - I am going to University.
  • Begun at University of Sheffield

    I moved to Sheffield to study my BA (Hons) in Social Policy and Sociology
  • 18th Birthday

  • Emerging Adulthood - Graduate from University

    I graduate with a BA (Hons) in Social Policy and Sociology
  • Begin first permanent job in Sheffield

    The economy is in recession - there are not many jobs, so many graduates take poorly paid administrative jobs.
  • Moved to London

    I move to London in hope of finding streets paved with gold, just like Dick Whittington, but the economy is still a problem.
  • Adulthood - First permanent job that I want!

    After searching for 2 years, I am now working for the British Diabetic Association.
  • Buy a house

  • My first daughter is born

    YAY - I'm a mother!
  • Get married

  • My second daughter is born

    YAY - Mummy again!
  • I return to work

    I stay at home with my second daughter for 1 year and return to work.
  • Move to the US

    My husband was transferred to US permanently, so we move to Michigan
  • Begin teaching children to read in the community

  • Begin training for 5ks

    I begin a new healthier phase in my life returning to exercise.
  • Become a Foster Care Advocate

  • Decide to return to School

    Returning to Schoolcraft College to begin prerequisities for my Masters in Art Therapy and Counseling.
  • Graduate with Masters Degree in Art Therapy and Counselling

  • Begin my first Counselling job - working with children

  • I become a grandparent for the first time

  • Grandparent - for the second time

  • Grandparent for the third time

  • Grandparent for the fourth time

  • I retire from work

  • I move in with my daughter - my health deteriorates

  • I pass away - my family is with me