Doctor H's Developmental Timeline

Timeline created by mahenry
  • I am born

    I am born
  • Infancy: Cognitive Development

    When I was a baby, my favorite toy was a plush dog named Bruno. My mom likes to tell the story about how we couldn't go anywhere without Bruno, and if she ever forgot him, I would throw a fit. This happened because I had developed object permanence, so I was able to be aware that Bruno still existed even if he wasn't with me.
  • Infancy: Physical Development

    Infancy: Physical Development
    I began to walk when I was around 10 months old. My grandmother used to use my favorite book to coach me. She's slide it from one end of our family coffee table to the other to encourage me to edge around.
  • Become Big Sister

    Become Big Sister
  • Early Childhood: Cognitive Development

    I remember that my parents always read to me at bedtime. And the didn't just read the story, but they engaged me in two way conversation about it, asking questions and getting me to try and guess what might happen next.
  • Graduate High School

    Graduate High School
  • Graduate Samford with B.A.

  • Graduate Villanova with M.S.

  • Receive Ph.D.

    Receive Ph.D.
  • Dad Gets Sick

    Dad Gets Sick
  • Period: to

    My life so far