By wkfrey
  • Birth

    I was born on February 3rd and became the first of my generation in my family.
  • First Day of preschool

    First Day of preschool
    When it was just me and mu Mom I attended Preschool in Oak Park, I attended preschool with my younger cousin and remember being excited.
  • Mother meets Step Father

    Mother meets Step Father
    My biological father was absent, so my step father became the male figure in my life and eventually basically my dad.
  • Got Our Dog

    Got Our Dog
    Our dog was a rescue and saved at my fathers firehouse, where he proceeded to adopt her and bring her home.
  • Started Doing Theater

    Started Doing Theater
    I learned about the performing arts from my mother and wanted to bein my theater journey at a young age, I signed up for Emerald City Theater and did multiple shows with them.
  • Birth Of Little Sister

    Birth Of Little Sister
    My only sibling who I am at all close with, she was very important to my maturity because with her birth I now had someone who I needed to look out for and protect as an older brother.
  • First Day at Audubon Elementary

    First Day at Audubon Elementary
    The school I attended from 2nd to 8th grade and a place where I learned a lot.
  • Met my Closest Friends

    Met my Closest Friends
    After sometime at Audubon I met friends who I am still very close with today not knowing at the time that they would grow to be my greatest friends.
  • Death of Grandfather

    Death of Grandfather
    The only major death in my family I have fortunately experienced, taught me a lot about life and death and the value of loved ones.
  • 8th Grade Graduation

    8th Grade Graduation
    Finally left Audubon to start the next journey in my life.
  • First Day of Highschool

    First Day of Highschool
    Attended Mather highschool my freshman year before I found that it was not the place I wanted to be. Regardless it taught me valuable life skills that I keep with me.
  • First Day at Taft

    First Day at Taft
    My first day at Taft as a sophomore where I would soon gain some amazing memories.
  • First Relationship

    First Relationship
    My first romantic relationship where I learned a lot about love and trust. It did not end well but it was worth the knowledge I gained.
  • Casted in "9 to 5 The Musical" at Taft

    Casted in "9 to 5 The Musical" at Taft
    My first high school theater production with what would soon become dear friends of mine, I showed me my passion and showed me that theater is the thing I feel I was born to do.
  • Saw "ONCE" at Writers Theater

    Saw "ONCE" at Writers Theater
    A play that I saw with my cast members from "9 to 5" it was my first live theater show that I saw since I was a child and deeply put the passion of becoming a performing artist into my heart.
  • Casted in "In The Parlor a Penguin" at Taft

    Casted in "In The Parlor a Penguin" at Taft
    My most recent production where I have become a more respected actor and have grown immensely.