Digital Timeline PPS1

  • Birth

    I was born on December 6 2005 at Lutheran General Hospital. I was born around dinner at about 5:28 P.M. I was perfectly healthy, weighed around 5-6 pounds, and went home only a couple days later. I was also born in a snow storm so my parents were a little hesitant about driving all the way home but thankfully we made it back safely.
  • 1st Day Preschool

    On my first day of preschool I met my bestfriend named Kennedi who I am still friends with to this day. We are also family friends so our families hang out a lot and I'm really good friends with her brother and two sisters. Since we have been friends for so long we know a lot about each other and still hang out all of the time. She is a grade under me. A trait I started practicing a lot in pre-school was having/managing self-control. This is also when I started to making a lot of new friends.
  • 1st Sport (Ballet)

    My first sport that I ever tried was dance and ballet. These sports sparked my athletic trait. I did it for about 3 years with my friend Kennedi and made some other friends. I lost in touch with most of my dance friends but I am happy I still got to make those memories with them. Then after a few years I began to loose interest and started doing gymnastics. I have tried softball, baseball, volleyball, basketball, flag football, and soccer (which I wish I stuck with)
  • 1st day of Kindergarden

    The first day of Kindergarden was probably the most important day of my life. This is where I began to meet all of my friends I would have for the next 9+ years of my life. I was in one class of three which meant I had about 60 new people to meet. This is when I began to become an extravert. I made so many amazing friends, most of which I am still friends with now. I made so many fun memories there too. Another trait I started to practice was being respectful in the classroom.
  • 1st Time Playing T-Ball

    My dad put me in t-ball on his friends team and a couple years after that I was playing baseball and then shortly after I stuck with softball. Through all of the sports I have tried, softball has stuck with me the longest and I have been playing for most of my life. Softball has helped me to become so many traits such as being a teammate, having my teammates backs, being a leader, building self-confidence, becoming a goal setter, having a positive attitude and so much more.
  • First Time Big Travel - Mexico

    I have been out of town a couple times such as to Florida or other places in the Midwest. When I went on the trip to Mexico it truely opened my eyes into different cultures, landscapes, and ways of life. This was the first time being out of the country and being exposed to such new things. It was also one of the first time stepping out of my comfort zone with much diversity.
  • Choosing Between Soccer and Softball

    This was a very difficult part I my life when I would have to drop one sport for the other. This was not easy at all because I loved each sport so much but both sports were getting in the way of each other with practices, games, and etc. Sadly, I ended up choosing softball over soccer and when I look back at it today I regret my decision and should've stayed with soccer instead for many personal reasons. This event in my life was the first "adult or mature decision " I needed to make.
  • Graduating 8th Grade and Moving Onto High School

    This was a big event in my life as well because it was a big switch to be in middle school and then go into high school. I would also be leaving some of my friends because they were going to different high schools then me. I would have to start making a bunch of new friends and becoming even more of an extravert. By stepping out of my comfort zone and becoming more of an extravert, I have made many friends in high school throughout the past three years and became more courageous and bold.
  • Riding on the Ambulance

    Riding on the ambulance with my dad was defiantly an experience I have never been exposed to before. Both of my parents are on the Chicago Fire Department and I asked them over the summer if I could ride the ambulance with them to get a feel of what it was like to work in the medical industry and with random patients and different cases/scenarios. This really opened my eyes of what they have to go through everyday and made me realize that I would like to work in the medical field when I'm older
  • Trip to Alaska

    Over this past summer, I went on a trip to Alaska with my dad and my sister Emily. It was honestly one of the best trips I have taken in my life. The scenery was breathtaking and unbelievable. We did many activities out there such as hiking the mountains, dog-sledding, fishing in the rivers, watching wildlife, seeing glaciers, 4-wheeling, and so much more. Being in Alaska and seeing these things sparked my interest to want to see the rest of the world.