Digital Personal Identity Timeline

By Amalyia
  • birth

    the day I was born, in the photo is my grandma, mom, dad, 2 of my cousins, and my aunt, and my uncle (not married to my aunt, they are siblings)
  • First and only family reunion

    First and only family reunion
    Every single one of our known family members and even some friends came to this event sadly their was family drama and we never attempted this again.
  • Family Trip to Disney World

    Family Trip to Disney World
    When I was little one vacation we went on was to Disney world, my mother isn't a fan of drinking too much but her sister is, so my mom took me around to meet all the people dressed up while my aunt partied.
  • Moved from Chicago to Indiana

    Moved from Chicago to Indiana
    after my parents had me they wanted to move to a more child friend area and rebuild who they used to be and since we had family here they thought is was a great idea
  • Patient

    When I learn something I'm usually very attentive, The example i want to show you is when I was very young. My father wanted to teach me chess and like a child I wanted to touch the pretty board. We both got what we wanted though I don't like to move along with things unless I'm 100 percent sure what I'm doing so I'm patient with myself and others and hope they are with me. I move slow so that I can attempt to do it right the first time.
  • Choir

    My love for choir started very young, of course nowhere near professional till middle school and even then so-so. But i fell in love with music and this was one of my first performances
  • First Pet

    First Pet
    I argued with my parents so much because our landlord said we could not get a bet with fur and she made her own room of no legs thinking I would say I wanted a pet fish, she soon regretted that when I got my beloved snake coco passed 12/17/17
  • Serious

    going along with robotics I just get told to lighten up on most days, a boy tried to hold my had in elementary school and i gave him a look and decked him. I can say neither of us enjoyed that day.
  • Fist Comic con

    Fist Comic con
    Me and my dad love games, anime, manga so he was excited to bring me to my first comic con. had so much fun, met my favorite voice actors and still have autographs.
  • Science Fair

    Science Fair
    I was so excited about having a science fair since I've heard about them but have never been to one so I worked really hard on my project and may have been more extra then some of my classmates, set up took forever.
  • Art gallery

    Art gallery
    My grandma had to start somewhere and it was here among her peers, which she would soon become even better and had her art featured in museums, truly her passion and still is.
  • My Grandma Graduated Collage

    My Grandma Graduated Collage
    nobody in my family has even graduated high school (not even her not to sure how she got into the collage), so we were all super exited to see her finally in her cap and gown. The man next to her is my uncle
  • Timely

    I hate being late, with anything or anywhere. Yes I let assignments build up but I usually get them in on time unless an event happened to draw me back. My friends were always so annoyed with me during 8th grade because we would walk to the bus stop together but younger me would throw I fit if they say be out at 8 and it is 8:01. and if we are being honest, I wont throw i fit but ill be visibly bothered still.
  • Humble

    I tend to see past my own worth sometimes, though I know that I've at least did my best with all I try, and this kind of goes with the over achieving. at my old School a 3.8 gpa was rather high. The next year I chose classes high enough to give me a 5.0 gpa, this got ruined due to covid.
  • Artistic

    My grandmother painted and drew, my mom was good at DIY's and crafts, and my dad sculpted for a bit. We all had artistic traits and i tried to copy them sadly I am a jack of trades (not all trades though) and a master of none. Though i attempted and sometimes still do. Though to me comparing myself to my guardians and friends who also loved art I grew to almost hate it and now its a skill I don't really use anymore. This was one of my earlier pieces when I was practicing digital art.
  • studious

    I slipped up a bit during sophomore year, but because I'm am not very good at digital learning. I have always been one to believe school is important and I quite enjoy school as stressful as it is. Learning in general really.
  • Good listener

    Good listener
    People like to talk to me when they are in a bad place and I've gotten the complement a lot that people apricated that i listen with my heart and do my best to give good advice back. I know my limits when i cannot help though i can always offer my support. This photo was my main friend group at the beginning of high school.
  • Robotic

    I have been told many time the phrase "fix your face" or "attitude" and a lot of people don't really understand that personally I have a very hard time with acknowledging and expressing emotion. I usually come off as cold to most people or may find me rude if I don't laugh or say something in a certain tone, The other day my step-dad thought I was being rude, but really I was just walking and happened to not hear him.
  • Over achiever

    Over achiever
    I tend to always to do something a bit more extravagant if I can, not because I'm conceded but simply because I'm a do it right the first time kind of person. I want things to be perfect if I can get them to be. A event that is recent is both when I download special templates for presentations, I may even dress professionally if I know I had to present. Or the fact I have been in choir so long the teacher had to ask me to stop answer questions because I did too many in a row.
  • Helpful

    with most of my family members being ill or disabled I became very helpful in the house and that became a part of me, now if you ask me nicely ill probably do whatever someone asks if they need help. This takes place every day