Digital Personal Identity Timeline

  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born on October 1, 2004 in the city of Grodno in Belarus aproccimately at 1 o'clock in day time.
  • I go to kindergarten

    I go to kindergarten
    I can't remember much from that time of my life besides small details.
  • Student

    I go to school, I can remember that I was excited to go to school and not much more.
  • English language Olympics

    English language Olympics
    In Belarus here are competitions in schools for every subject called Olympics, I participated in the English and got first place in school and 3rd in district.
  • My family wins a green card

    My family wins a green card
    This event completely turns my life around. Of course that was really tragic for me at the time since that's a big change, but over all that positively affected me, even though I miss my country.
  • English language Olympics again

    English language Olympics again
    I participated in the Olympics again and got the exact same results as last year, which was a relief for me because I was really afraid that I won't live up to the expectations of my teacher and parents.
  • U.S. resident

    U.S. resident
    I move to the U.S. which marks a whole new chapter in my life.
  • Student, again...

    Student, again...
    I go to 8th grade in a brand new country for me, saying I was scared is to say nothing, though I got lucky and met some good people that supported me along the way.
  • Musician

    I start to listen to russian band called KINO, I used to hear my parents to listen to it before, but now I started to dig it which established myself as a musician.
  • High Schooler

    High Schooler
    My first day in Freshmen Academy, I am both nervous and excited.
  • New Years in Wisconsin

    New Years in Wisconsin
    I celebrated the New Year in a rented house near a lake with a lot of my family which was really exciting.
  • Corona virus...

    Corona virus...
    Corona virus strikes, turning everyone's lives around.
  • Getting my first acoustic guitar

    Getting my first acoustic guitar
    My mom borrows an old acoustic guitar from one guitar from one of her coworkers. I started to learn it, even though I would stop playing it after couple months because I just preferred piano.
  • Remote learning

    Remote learning
    Now we have to go to a remote learning which unfortunately extended into sophomore year stealing a year from my high school career.
  • Moving into new aparment

    Moving into new aparment
    My family moved into a bigger rent which was quite exciting.
  • My first electric guitar

    My first electric guitar
    I was really excited to get a new guitar because I wanted to play with distortion on to play some leads.
  • Metalhead

    At the time I discovered Metallica for myself, which turned my musical taste in the metal direction, I listened to some heavy metal, but now I started to get to heavier and heavier stuff.
  • Employee

    I got a job in Butera market! I worked there for 10 weeks in summer, I hated it but I value the experience since it showed me that I do not want to work on such jobs for the rest of my life.
  • My third guitar

    My third guitar
    I bought an Ibanez RG8 8 string guitar, this is major because it was my first big purchase with my own hard earned money.
  • Bassist

    I join the "modern band" in school as a bassist.