diego meza

  • my birht

    i was born in stgo.
  • Period: to

    diego meza

  • my first birthday

    i invited my family.
  • my first steps

    i walked in my house.
  • my first wonds

    i said mom and father.
  • my first friends

    i met martin and oscar.
  • my first day of kinder

    i played with my friends.
  • my better gift

    i received a bike
  • my first vacations

    i trip wiht my family
  • my first mascot

    i received a dog.
  • birth of my neice

    birth in stgo.
  • my trip out of country

    i trip with my mom.
  • my play of footbol

    i did a goal!!!.
  • my first computer

    i received a computer of my father.
  • birth of my nephew

    birth in stgo.
  • my graduatyon

    i graduatyon with my jasmate