Dhanvanth chandrakanth ( Educational History )

  • 3-5 years old 2013-2015

    Euro kids 2013 I was a small-boy playing in the school with my friends I mainly admired cricket and loved to play, in the school they made us swim in the baby pool and it was my favourite thing in the school we mainly used legos building blocks and a lot of toys out of all the toys I mainly liked the animal toys I used to play fight with my friends using the toys. The school was very fun and playing with my friends all day long. I had a small bycicle which I always used to ride around everywhere
  • 6-7 years old 2016-17

    When I first when to 1st grade I went to a school called National Public School it was a very nice school and studying was great and I made a lot of new friends. Me and my friends always used to share our food and my one friend called aditya brought the best food and he shared with me.
    This was the first time I got to know about football and the more i got to know about it the more fun it was every time at lunch break me and my friends would play football, and everyday I used to play football.
  • 7-8 years old 2017-2018

    It was 2017 and I was still in grade 1 and still was having fun daily and playing football it was a few months before my birthday I joined a football class and daily after school I was training and in School I was practising daily. The more months went by the harder the chapters became and the exams but I still kept studying everyday. My exams had just gotten over a few days before my birthday. On the day of my birthday it was very fun we went to mall and played games like trampoline etc.
  • 8-9 years old 2018-2019

    It was 2018 a new fresh year and a new start. I was going to school everyday and studies were harder now but I still pushed through everyday. I started football seriously and my brother helped me train everyday and my coach was very helpful too, it was a joy to play in school I was the best player in my grade and I always used to win. I was at home when i heard about Covid-19 and didnt think too much of it. The days where going very fast and it was my birthday I received lots of gifts.
  • 9-10 years old 2019-2020

    My birthday just got over and my grades were dropping. My parents made me join a tuition to study more but I was still attending class and I was studying and training hard. I was going to school everyday and the days went very fast and it was 2020 and soon I was in 4th grade and my grades were getting better. I was playing very good in football so my coach decided to let me play a tournament and I scored a hattrick and it was very fun. My birthday came around and helped me cool of after the game
  • 10-11 years old 2020-2021

    Covid started to become a world wide thing and classes soon started to become online and it was a hassle attending class while most of the time the teachers and students had a lot of internet problems and we couldn’t study that much and I the exams were a hassle too sometimes the teachers didnt show up and was a hard time to study. I also couldn’t go to my football classes as covid took a big hit on a lot of businesses. My birthday came around and helped me forget about all that for a moment.
  • 11-12 years old 2021-2022

    After my birthday covid vaccines were found a LOT of people got them which helped everybody out and we could go to school normal play football and all kinds of fun stuff. I was 6th grade and joined CIS the school was very big and a very big football field. Studies was hard but I pushed through and got good grades and received awards. And mainly I liked the teachers here. I made new friend like Ariz and Avyukta. Right before winter break my birthday came and we had fun riding roller coasters etc.