Developmental Psychology Timeline

  • I was Born

    In Chapter 1, we are introduced to the 8 stages of Psychosocial Development in Erikson's Theory. When my mother gave birth to me in Mexico, my father was in the United States working on giving us a better life. I missed the Basic trust vs. Mistrust as a newborn from him and I agree that this did affect our relationship.
  • I Walked for the first time

    In Chapter 2 We talk about the adjustment to parenthood and although my mom had already had 4 children before me, I was the first child my mom had to do it alone without my dad. She explains how much more difficult it was tend to four children and an infant at the same time. Stress and crying were constant for my mom during this time.
  • My family emigrated to the United States

    In Chapter 3 We learn about the environment around us and how it affects newborn babies. Growth and learning objectives are beginning to develop. Even though I was young, I went through one of the biggest changes of my life. half of my family and I emigrated to the United States and it was a very big change. I was close to my second birthday and the food and environment changed drastically around me. I had to switch foods, adjust to the cold and it affected my growth since I was still small
  • My little brother was born

    My little brother was born
    In Chapter 4 in the Preoperational stage my baby brother was born and my mom says I had a very hard time getting along with him. Basically having the inability to see the world of my brothers view and a self centered child.
  • My older brother and Sister emigrated to the United States

    My older brother and Sister emigrated to the United States
    In Chapter 5 it talks about attachment and relationship formed with significant people. When my other siblings arrived from Mexico I had strangers anxiety and it took some time to form an attachment with them.
  • Moved out of my uncles house and started preschool

    Moved out of my uncles house and started preschool
    in Chapter 6 we are off to school and for me leaving my mom for the first time was tough. I cried for months but once I got familiar with my surrounding I began enjoying it and my mom says I did very well in preschool.
  • Started Kindergarten

    Started Kindergarten
    Still on Chapter 6, when I started kindergarten I struggled a bit because my first language was Spanish. I had trouble reading and writing words in English and needed a lot of help with tests. They were worried I wouldn't advance academically and repeat the grade.
  • Went back to Mexico for the first time. Became a U.S citizen

    Went back to Mexico for the first time. Became a U.S citizen
    In Chapter 6 cognitive and middle childhood are discussed and I remember when we were in the process of getting my citizenship I underwent lots of tests. These tests involved eye sight which this is the first time I realized I was slightly blind and needed glasses. Multiple physicals, comprehensive tests, and medical tests. It was a long and intense process and I just remember feeling exhausted at the end of the day. Of course I was only a ten year old and I didn't know what was going on.
  • Went Back to Mexico and stayed for 9 Months

    Chapter 6 heavily centers around puberty and while I didn't hit puberty at this stage I was put in School down in Mexico rather quickly. My parents realized I would like here for a long time and put my brother and I in school. Some girls hit puberty earlier than I did and I was thought about the menstruation cycle in detail. When I cam back with my dad and my mom stayed behind I soon got my period. I knew what to do thanks to the level of detail I was taught in Mexico. Video was showed in U.S
  • I started school on my Ranch

    In Chapter 9 it talks about identity and self Esteem. When I started school, my brother and I really began to notice how different we were and how we learned from our cousins. In the beginning there was a lot of disinterest because we were learning everything in a different language than what we were used to. As we continued going to school we began achieving and our self esteem got higher.
  • I returned to the United States with my dad

    Sticking to Chapter 11 when I returned to the U.S with my dad, my mom stayed behind to continue moving the process to her citizenship. It was very hard not having my mom and I missed her very much. For the first time I felt how much a kid gets affected when parents separate. It is a very different dynamic only having one parent and I experienced both. When I was with my mom she was more lenient and we were like best friends. My dad was more strict and very protecting over us.
  • Started 5th Grade in the United States

    In Chapter 8 we talk about puberty and the changes it comes with. This was also the year I happen to hit puberty. Coming back to seeing familiar faces and new ones, I was very anxious and nervous if anyone was going to ignore me or remember me. Puberty made everything so much more scary along with my body changing drastically. These were two big changes in life and I didn't have my mom yet to help me through it.
  • Started Middle School

    Started Middle School
    In Chapter 7 it talks about the relationships you have with your peers and how important it is. I had a big friends group all through out middle school and I felt comfortable being myself around them and we all cared about each other and never left anyone out. None of us were very popular and we were okay with it. Some of us were loud and some of us were shy but we somehow all got along well.
  • My sister had her first Baby

    My sister had her first Baby
    In Chapter 3 newborns are getting used to the surrounding around them and what not. I remember when my sister and her husband along with baby decided to come live in Iowa. We were excited to see the baby for the first time. For baby it was really hard, he cried a lot whenever any of us held him if it wasn't his mom or dad. Oliver was a very shy baby and hated being around people. This didn't get better until he turned 1 year old.
  • Went back to Mexico for Vacation

    Went back to Mexico for Vacation
  • I had my Quinceañera

    I had my Quinceañera
    I would say Chapter 10 can also regard for this stage in my life as well. Mexican households have Quinceañera's for their daughters as a way to establish to young girl is emerging womanhood. She can now begin dating and not be viewed as a child by her family anymore. This was a big deal for me as all of my sisters had Quinceañera's and the church ceremony it what really seals it. You later have dinner and a dance party without getting in trouble with your parents about dancing with other boys.
  • Started High School

    Chapter 11 also talks about friendships and how important they can be when you're an adult. I had a big friend group all through middle school and it was great. However when we all began getting jobs and growing up our friend group began dwindling. Friends started hanging out with certain friends and by senior of high school, we all had one friend we could say was really there for us. We were the friend group that always said we would never break up. Now that I'm an adult, this isn't always true
  • My family and I met my step sister for the time

    My family and I met my step sister for the time
    Family relationships are discussed in Chapter 7 and when I found out my step sister was going to come and visit us I was hesitant. I had never met her but my mom would talk about her to us. When she arrived we all got excited because she was so kind. We soon formed a sister relationship and we were all so sad when she had to go back to California. We keep close in touch and can't wait until we see her again.
  • I started my longterm relationship with my significant other

    I started my longterm relationship with my significant other
    In Chapter 11 it talks a lot about friendships and relationships. I began dating my boyfriend for the past 4 years and we were moving along very fast. We started dating after knowing each other for only 2 months. We get along great and will be moving in together very soon. We have no interest in marriage and like the place we are at. We will be a cohabitation couple and I am content where our relationship is at and where it's going.
  • My brother got married down in Mexico

    My brother got married down in Mexico
  • Graduated High School

    Graduated High School
    In this Chapter, emerging adulthood is the main topic and it can look different for some people. For me I considered myself an adult when I turned 18 and chose for myself that I would get on birth control. This was also the year when I graduated high school and began looking at different colleges and deciding to stay in the dorms for the first time. Not depending on my parents and only on myself and my studies, still in a serious relationship with my significant other.
  • Started College at WITCC

    In Chapter 10 is when adulthood is discussed heavily. I felt like when I started college I was an adult. Going to classes and picking my own classes and a career to pursue was part of being an adult. I liked having my own room and having to cook for myself and being independent. Although I don't know how much of an adult I was when I was calling my parents every night. I have a big family so being alone felt weird at times.
  • My uncle passed away with limited people at his funeral

    My uncle passed away with limited people at his funeral
    Staying in Chapter 14, my uncle passed away last year due to health related problems. He needed a liver and kidney transplant. He had a donor already and the surgery date was placed. Later on doctors told us my uncle wouldn't survive the surgery to his age and his underlying health issues. This news broke all of our hearts and I will never take being healthy for granted anymore. We all wanted him to pass from very old age but that didn't happen. With his passing I pay close attention to my dad.
  • Went to Mexico with my mom to see my sick Grandma

    Went to Mexico with my mom to see my sick Grandma
    In Chapter 12, work and family are discussed and how balancing both can be difficult. I was working at Walmart when my grandmother got sick and my mom decided to go to Mexico to see her for possibly the last time. I was very close to my grandmother and decided myself I would accompany my mom. It was hard letting my job know because it can be very demanding at times. They insisted I use my PPTO until I insisted this was a family emergency. I decided seeing my grandma was a more important to me.
  • My grandma passes away at 99

    My grandma passes away at 99
    In Chapter 14, aging and health are discussed. This chapter really made me appreciate how long my grandmother lived. She was a very healthy lady up until her last months of living. Some families don't get to have their grandparents for very long and I am extremely grateful my grandma got to experience life for this long. In her last of months she began to lose her memory and had trouble maintaining her everyday needs. She was a very independent person and I hope to be like her when I grow up.