Developmental Psychology

Timeline created by huntermeadows
  • Was I securely or insecurely attached to my primary caregiver?

    As an infant I was securely attached to both my mother and my father. This was solidified through their attentiveness to my needs and the nurture that they provided me with.
  • When did I start walking?

    As an infant it wasn't until I was about 10 months old before I could begin to walk on my own, albeit a little clumsily. In the months leading up to this mark I was able to place one leg in front of the other with the support of my parents.
  • What was my temperment as a baby?

    What was my temperment as a baby?
    My parents describe my early years as being quiet, extremely mild mannered, and calm. There's even a story of them taking me along on an action movie date where I slept the entire time.
  • What sort of interests did I have as a young child?

    As a young child i loved pretty much everything that involved being outside. To include, building forts, getting muddy, camping, and exploring my backyard
  • What's one thing my parents and teachers did to help my language acquisition?

    In school my teacher would stress the importance of properly pronouncing and sounding out words and at home both of my parents would read to me in order to increase my vocabulary.
  • How did people describe you as a young child? Is this similar or different from infancy?

    I think people would have described me the same way for both early childhood and infancy. While I did become more explorative in childhood, I was still introverted and greatly appreciated my alone time.
  • What was an experience that made me aware of a concept of intelligence?

    I first became aware of a concept of intelligence when teachers began to separate us into groups based on our reading levels. I think this positively affected how I thought about myself, but it could have made other students feel badly about how their abilities compared to others.
  • How often did you get physical exercise?

    As a child I was pretty active. We usually participated in physical activities in school, then during our after school daycare, and once again at home. I would say I had pretty positive views regarding exercise.
  • My use of fine and gross motor skills

    As a child I probably relied more on my gross motor skills, yet this was a time when i loved to take apart things which helped to further develop my fine motor skills.
  • Classification if Sternberg's theory with my closest relationship.

    During this time I'd have to say my closest relationship was with a girlfriend I had in middle school. We were both each others' first real significant others and I'd say we shared a fatuous love (passion and commitment)
  • How often did I get physical activity?

    During my adolescence I was an extremely active soccer player, practicing every weekday and having games every Friday.
  • Fine and gross motor skills during exercise.

    Being a soccer playing requires using fine motor skills in order to perform certain maneuvers with the ball. This accompanied with having to run and sprint a lot helped to develop both my fine and gross motor skills.
  • Did I enter puberty early or late?

    Did I enter puberty early or late?
    I entered puberty fairly late, as did my father when he was younger. I don't think this had too much of an affect on me, other than the customary bullying during the middle school years.
  • Gross or fine motor skills?

    At this point in my life I focus more on fine motor skills due to my job and my hobbies. I work on aircraft for the Air Force and I enjoy working on motorcycles, both of which involve fine motor skills.
  • How would I describe my attachment style with my closest relationship?

    I'm closest with my mother but I'd probably describe my attachment style with her as dismissive, because i tend to avoid too close of a relationship with her.
  • Piaget's Cognitive Development theory.

    Recently I was assigned a task for a class that required me to use extremely hypothetical thought and reasoning. I think that my completion of this assignment was a great example of how i have reached Piaget's formal operations stage.
  • Sternberg classification with closest relationship.

    I'd say my current relationship could be called romantic love because we're intimate and passionate, yet we're not committing to each other because I'll be moving away soon.
  • What is my current level of physical activity?

    Currently I am not that physically active. Other than the occasional stroll downtown, I usually enjoy other things such as books, music, and coffee as opposed to working out or exercising.