Developmental Psych

Timeline created by lrsaid29
  • My Birth

    My twin and i are born!!
  • What are Feet?

    I was 11 months when i started walking. I also started walking before my twin, Ha!
  • temper tantrums

    Apparently as a baby i was a fussy child and very picky about certain things such as food and my favorite blanket.

    i was securely attached to my mother, but it should also be taken onto account that i had a twin brother right next to me who i was very connected to.
  • PANS!!

    as an infant i used to play with the pots and pans with my brother when my mother wasnt looking. we were 18 months old and knew exactly where those pans where and we would open all the drawers to get to them.
  • My Stuffed Animals

    I was that child when i was 5-7 years old that slept with all of her stuffed animals because i didnt want to hurt any of their feelings. there were about 20 stuffed animals on my bed at one time.
  • Repeating a Grade

    When i was in elementary school i was held back a year because i had difficulty reading. This was the first time that i really had a personal experience with the concept of intelligence and i hated it. It made me feel horrible about myself and made me compare myself constantly to others.
  • I was an awful child on certain things

    my temperament did not change much from infancy to childhood. i was horribly fussy when it came to food, the worst pickiest eater in the world. i had good behavior though.
  • Kids are essentially energizer bunnies

    As a child i got a lot of exercise from running around in elementary school and then at home with my brothers. I enjoyed playing with others, the only time i was upset to run was in PE.
  • Gross or Fine, That is The Question

    As a child i was using a mixture of fine and gross motor skills. The gross motor skills being used are obviously running and gripping but i used to swing a lot and i used to adjust my grip and lean backwards a lot because it felt like flying.
  • Find the Difference

    When i was 10 i was really big into finding the differences in two different pictures. i loved trying to find what was out of place and would do so for hours.
  • Puberty=The World Is Ending

    I was held back a year so when I started puberty it had a major effect on me. I was 10, which was a little early, and all my peers were a year or two younger than me and so no one around me understood what was going on.
  • Next please

    when i was in high school my mom was going back to college to finish her degree and sometimes i would go to some of her classes with her. I loved going because some of the concepts the teachers would talk about would normally go way above the head of a 15 year old. I sat in on her sociology class once and had an in-depth conversation with several of the other students about major issues in society.
  • PE=Actual Course?

    I had several surgeries from the time that i turned 12 to now, many of which were on my legs. My physical activity was spent re-learning how to walk correctly. It hurt to walk or stand for long periods of time and so i did not enjoy physical activity but i envied my classmates for being able to run around as much as they pleased.
  • Why is Walking so Hard?

    In my adolescent years, as stated before, i had a lot of surgeries which required an immense amount of physical therapy. I had to re learn how to walk with is more of a gross motor skill. I was holding onto furniture, walls and family members so that i wouldn't fall.

  • Relationships

    My closest relationship right now is my mom. she is mom first and friend second but she is always going to have my back when i need her. When i tell my friends that i wont tell anyone what they tell me that excludes my mom because i literally tell her everything and they know it.
  • What Life

    My physical activity amounts to me dashing from class to class everyday and then herding 3 to 5 year old's to where they are supposed to be. I do have a gym membership but dont have much time or energy to actually go.
  • All The Writing and Running

    As an adult the majority of my physical exercise come from running from place to place and writing out items for one thing or another. This requires fine motor skills. At my job i have to help teach children how to write and hold their pencil and that requires a great deal of fine motor skills (and patience)

    ive been in school all my life, i dont know what im going to do with my self when im not in school.