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Developmental Progression Timeline

By bbig7
  • First Trimester (months 1-3)

    First Trimester (months 1-3)
    The FIRST TRIMESTER was a crucial period of time as it marks the very beginning of my mother's pregnancy with me. My mother actually experienced morning sickness this entire trimester. During this time as a ZYGOTE I found a place in the ENDOMETRIUM where I was then able to begin growing. Within the next few weeks I became a FETUS and all of my necessary organs, as well as brain and nerve cells were developed. Image Link: https://ldh.la.gov/assets/images/pregnancyimgs/gerrity/GERRITY-6.jpg
  • Second Trimester (months 4-6)

    Second Trimester (months 4-6)
    During the SECOND TRIMESTER, I continued to further develop. At this point my body finally outgrew the size of my head and I began to move in my mother's WOMB. My heartbeat at this point could be heard and both my eyebrows and eyelashes could now be made out in this stage as well. Image Link:
  • Third Trimester (months 7-9)

    Third Trimester (months 7-9)
    In the THIRD TRIMESTER I was able to utilize my REFLEXES and demonstrate them in movement. These last few months of development I continued to grow in height and weight. While awaiting my time to arrive into the world I received ANTIBODIES from my mother to boost my IMMUNE SYSTEM. Image Link:
  • Birth- First 2 Weeks

    Birth- First 2 Weeks
    After having her water break at home and not experiencing any CONTRACTIONS, my mom called the hospital to see what to do and was told to come in. My mother gave birth to me NATURALLY with a MIDWIFE while at the hospital. I was born just 3 days after 9/11 and came into the world kicking. I was 9 lbs. and my mother's biggest baby at that point. After being born I quickly latched on to my mother and continued to grow in the next two weeks. Personal Image
  • Infant- Cognitive

    Infant- Cognitive
    I began as an infant being able to bring my fist to my mouth and was eventually reaching for and grasping objects after about one month of life. Personal Image
  • Infant- Social/Emotional

    Infant- Social/Emotional
    The second I made my appearance I demonstrated emotion through my cries. Overtime however, my desire to be near my parents remained. I was alright being held but some individuals, but much preferred being in the arms of my parents and I made it known. I was perfectly content with my only little circle of familiarity. Personal Image
  • Infant- Physical

    Infant- Physical
    As an infant I was able roll from my tummy to my back as I gained strength around four months. This initially took some time to learn, but overtime became second nature. After this, scooting and then crawling followed at around seven months. Personal Image
  • Infant- Language

    Infant- Language
    As an infant I began to coo and make little noises with my mouth. With time and after hearing it repeated many times I was able to eventually say "mama" and "dada". This led to using HOLOPHRASTIC SPEECH. Personal Image
  • Toddler- Physical

    Toddler- Physical
    At this point in my life I was tired of crawling and wanted to walk like my parents and older sister. Around eleven months, after practicing by holding onto couches and whatever I could find, I was able to walk. The exploring began! Personal Image
  • Toddler- Cognitive

    Toddler- Cognitive
    At this age I was catching on to the different actions and words that were spoken by those around me and especially my older sister. I could also identify what I wanted and let my parents know through pointing and speaking as I got older. Personal Image
  • Toddler- Social/Emotional

    Toddler- Social/Emotional
    After having learned how to get around by myself I was much more accustomed to people. Around certain people I was just fine however, and around others I simply was not alright. I pick and chose my favorites. My one year old birthday was a success though and I loved being surrounded by cousins! Personal Image
  • Toddler- Language

    Toddler- Language
    As a toddler I exhibited underextension with my words, as well as telegraphic speech. My most used words included, mama, dada, doggie and please. This helped me to communicate far better than simply just crying. Personal Image
  • Early Childhood- Language

    Early Childhood- Language
    At a young age I loved to learn. I practiced my ABC's and 123's and would glean off any information I could from my sister that was just older than I. By the age of 3 I was able to count up to four objects. When my older sister went to school I was jealous and my mom bought me my own mini backpack so I felt included. Image Link
  • Early Childhood- Social/Emotional

    Early Childhood- Social/Emotional
    Though I loved both my parents very much I was definitely a "daddy's girl". I took on some level of preferring one parent over the other. My dad said that people often told me that I looked like my mom and when this happened I would scrunch my nose and say "no I look like my daddy, see?". I wanted to be just like my dad. Personal Image
  • Early Childhood- Physical

    Early Childhood- Physical
    I potty trained myself by the age of 2 years old my mom said. I did not like to wet my pants so I trained myself at a very early age not to. For the most part I could sleep through the night just fine without wetting as well. Personal Image
  • Early Childhood- Cognitive

    Early Childhood- Cognitive
    Around the age of 4 years old I would continue an activity for a good 15+ min period of time. I would also sit and listen to my older cousins and adults talk at times because I wanted to be apart of it. When my great grandmother came into town I would sit patiently as she put on her red lipstick and them put some on me next. I never wanted to miss out. Personal Image
  • Middle Childhood- Social/Emotional

    Middle Childhood- Social/Emotional
    I was one that loved spending time with friends. I have cousins on both sides of my family around the same age and we were super close. I exhibited some of the expected affinity towards same gender friends, but every once in awhile I would also play with the neighborhood boys. Personal Image (I am in the middle)
  • Middle Childhood- Language

    Middle Childhood- Language
    I loved school as a little girl! I enjoyed going to my actual school and coming home to my imaginary students as well. I enjoyed practicing printing my name and would often trace alphabet letters so that I made sure I was doing it right. The bits of perfectionism in me wanted to do the absolute best I could. Image Link
  • Middle Childhood- Cognitive

    Middle Childhood- Cognitive
    As a young girl I loved to daydream about the future. I always knew I wanted to be a mom when I grew up so naturally I loved playing house. I would even put a basketball up my shirt to act as my pretend pregnant belly. I could be found around the backyard picking things up in crazy positions due to "my belly". I took playing house pretty seriously you could say. Image Link
  • Middle Childhood- Physical

    Middle Childhood- Physical
    Living in Arizona, learning to swim is a necessity. For as long as I can remember, I spent every summer at the pool. If I wasn't there for morning swim practice, I was there to swim with friends. I learned the skills necessary to swim without any help and continually got better and enjoyed going to the swim meets to earn ribbons based on my race. This allowed me to learn great coordination. I started pretty young and loved the way that it pushed me. Personal Image
  • Adolescent Stages- Social/Emotional

    Adolescent Stages- Social/Emotional
    Going into high school I experienced a lot of emotions which can be expected. With it being such a big change and having got a boundary exception to a new place where I knew no one, it was a challenge initially but one I am forever grateful for. It forced me to get out of my comfort zone and to reach out towards others who needed a friend just like I did. I became a stronger person and now entirely understand what it feels like to be the "new kid". I met so many amazing people! Personal Image
  • Adolescent Stages- Physical

    Adolescent Stages- Physical
    I was a later bloomer and started puberty and all that comes with it later than my friends. The beginning of my Freshman year was when I finally grew in height and a small amount in weight. I remember measuring myself and having grown 2-3 inches. I was so excited! Personal Image
  • Adolescent Stages- Language

    Adolescent Stages- Language
    In high school I had the opportunity to take not only literature classes, but a foreign language class as well. I chose to take Spanish and after practice was able to recognize and speak small sentences in this language. This required a lot of studying and time. Such a skill is one that must be maintained however, and I am sad to say that I have lost most of what I learned because I stopped practicing it. Personal Image
  • Adolescent Stages- Cognitive

    Adolescent Stages- Cognitive
    I have always tried to recognize and be aware of things around me, but I got better at this in high school. Though I was blessed to make friends there were still a handful of girls that were not kind. Initially I was very hurt that they would leave me out of things, but with time and talking with my parents I was able to take a step back and recognize I did not need these kind of people in my life. I have become more sure and confident in myself from these experiences. Personal Image