Development Of Christianity

  • 316

    Donatism splits from Catholicism and spreads throughout Africa

  • 325

    Council of Nicea

  • 325

    Constantine builds a church to the apostle Peter on the Roman cemetery where the martyr is buried

  • 451


    the fourth Ecumenical Council convened in Chalcedon condemns Dioscurus of Alexandria for monophysitism (Jesus is of one nature, only divine) and affirms that Jesus was one person of two natures (both human and divine) 27 Feb 451
  • 532

    Exiguus calculates the year in which Jesus was born as 533 years before his year and inaugurates the Christian calendar

  • Following a mission authorised by Pope Gregory I, St. Augustine becomes the first Archbishop of Canterbury.

  • Charlemagne is crowned emperor of the Holy Roman Empire by Pope Leo III.27 Feb 800

  • Conversion of Prince Vladimir in Kiev. Growth of Christianity in Russia.27 Feb 988