Development of Cathoic Church in Australia

  • Arrival of First Fleet

    Arrival of the first fleet at Sydney Cove, British settlement. It became possible first mass celebrated on Australian soil by Fr Receveur.
  • First Public Mass

    First public mass celebrated by Fr Dixon in Sydney
  • First Official Priest Arrives

    The first offical priests, Frs Therry and Conolly, arrive
  • Construction of The First Catholic Church

  • Australia's First Bishop

    Pope Gregory XVI appoints Fr Brfr Polding OSB as Australia's first Catholic bishop
  • Beginning of Representative Government

    Beginning of Representative Government in Australia Robert Wilson appointed first Bishop of Hobart
  • Bishop of Perth

    John Brady was appointed the first Bishop of Perth
  • Bishop of Melbourne

    James Alipius Goold appointed first Bishop of Melbourne
  • Catholic Church in Australia is divided

    The Catholic Church in Australia is divided into provinces and dioceses
  • Archibishop Moran

    Archbishop Moran created Cardinal by Pope Leo XIII
  • First Bishop of Brisbane

    James Quinn appointed first Bishop of Brisbane
  • St Mary's Cathedral Church Destroyed

    St Mary's Cathederal Church was destroyed by fire
  • Founding of Sisters of St Joesph

    Mary MacKillop and Fr Julian Tension Woods founded the Sisters of St Joesph
  • Rebuilding of St Mary's Cathedral College

    The church was rebuilt in sydney
  • St Vincent de Paul

    First permanent St Vincent de Paul society established in Australia
  • St Vincent's Hospital

    St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne opened by the Sisters of Charity
  • St Patrick's Cathedral

    Consecration of St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne
  • Establishment in Victoria

    The Australian Catholic Federation is established in Victoria. Set up to advocate the political interests of the Catholic Church in Australia, the Federation is part of a world-wide movement and is endorsed by Archbishop of Melbourne, Thomas Carr
  • Formation

    Formation of the Australian Catholic Federation in NSW. The inaugural meeting is held at St Mary's Cathedral
    The NSW branch of the Catholic Women's Association is founded by Esther Cannon and endorsed by Archbishop Kelly. Later it will change its name to the Catholic Women's League
  • CAtholic Women's Leauge

    Establishment of the Catholic Women's Leauge
  • International Eucharist Congress

    The international eucharistic congress in Sydney.In the Roman Catholic church, a Eucharistic Congress is a gathering of clergy, religious, and laity to bear witness to the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, which is an important Roman Catholic doctrine. Congresses bring together people from a wide area, and typically involve large open-air Masses, adoration of the Eucharist (Blessed Sacrament), and other devotional ceremonies held over several days.
  • National Eucharistic Congress

    The national eucharistic congress is held in Melbourne
  • St Patrick's Cathedral

    St Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne was completed
  • Archbishop of Sydney

    Norman Thomas Gilroy appointed Archbishop of Sydney
  • Archbishop Gilroy

    Archbishop Gilroy created first Australian-born Cardinal by Pope Pixus XII
  • Arrival of Ivan Prasko

    Arrival of Ivan Prasko, the first Bishop of for Ukrainian Catholics
  • Archbishop Mannix

    Archbishop Mannix dies
  • Archbishop of Melbourne

    James Robert Knox appointed Archbishop of Melbourne
  • Pope VI visits Australia

    Paul VI visits Australia, ordains first Papuan-born Bishop
  • Archbishop of Sydney

    James Darcy Freeman appointed Archbishop of Sydney
  • Maronite Diocese

    Paul VI establishes Maronite diocese in Australia
  • Eucharistic Congress

    The International Eucharistic Congress in Melbourne
  • Archbishop of Melbourne

    Thomas Francis Little appointed Archbishop of Melbourne
  • Archbishop Freeman and Knox

    Archbishops Freeman and Knox created cardinals by Pope Paul VI
  • Archbishop of Sydney

    Edward Bede Clancy appointed Archbishop of Sydney
  • Pope John Paul II

    Pope John Paul II visits Australia
  • Melkite Diocese

    Pope John Paul II establishes Melkite Diocese in Australia
  • Archbishop Clancy

    Archbishop Clancy created Cardinal by Pope John Paul II
  • Australian Catholic University

    Foundation of the Australian Catholic University
  • Pope John Paul II

    John Paul II visits Australia for Beatification of Mary MacKillop
  • Archbishop of Melbourne

    George Pell appointed Archbishop of Melbourne
  • Adelaide Cathedral

    St Francis Xavier Cathedral, Adelaide Completed
  • St Mary's Cathedral

    Completion of St Mary's Catherdral, Sydney
  • Archbishop Pell

    Archbishop Pell appointed Archbishop of Sydney
  • John Paul II

    Opening of John Paul II Institute for the Family, Melbourne
  • Archbishop of Melbourne

    Denise Hart appointed Archbishop of Melbourne
  • Archbishop Pell

    Archbishop Pell appointed Cardinal by Pope John Paul II
  • Pope John Paul II

    Death of much loved, Pope John Paul II. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is elected Pope Benedict XVI
  • Visit

    Pope Benedict XVI makes his first visit to Australia when the Archdiocese of Sydney hosts World Youth Day 2008. WYD08 is a huge success and as a result the social networking website, Xt3 is created for young people not onl;y in Sydney but worldwide. It quickly becomes the fastest growing Catholic website worldwide.
  • Restoration and Rennovation

    Restoration and renovation begins on the former Marist Fathers students' home in Rome for what will become a pilgrim's haven for Australians in the city offering accommodation and a home away from home