Destined to know two languages from an early age.

  • I was born!

    I was born on October 10, 1985 in the Military base Roosevelt roads in Cieba Puerto Rico.
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • I began saying my first words in both languages

    My Dad was stationed in the naval base in Virginia in where my mom told me that I started babbling my first words in both languages Spanish and English saying the words dada and mama.
  • My dad was transferred

    My parents moved to Jacksonville Florida to the Military base May Port. At this time I started to speak more English because the people who surrounded me only spoke this language. My mom was the only person who spoke to me in Spanish.
  • Registered in Pre-k

    Still in Jacksonville Florida, My Mother registered me in pre-k where I began a new journey in where I expanded my knowledge and learned new words in English.
  • Moved to Guantanamo Bay Cuba

    1989- 1991 my dad was transferred to the naval base Guantanamo bay in Cuba. This is where I began kindergarten till 2nd grade. I kept speaking English in school and practiced my Spanish at home.
  • Moved back to Florida

    We moved back to Florida, but this time to Orlando and not in a naval base due that my father was overseas. It was just my mom, brother and I. I began 3rd grade and finished my year in winter park East brook elementary school. I was enrolled in the ESL program due that I spoke both languages at this time and was a bit confused.
  • Moved back to Roosevelt Roads

    1994-1997 My father was transferred back to the Naval base in which I was born, Roosevelt Roads Cieba Puerto Rico. I began the first semester of 4th grade in a private school in Guayama P.R. until my father got settled in the naval base and I began my second semester of 4th grade through 7th grade in Roosevelt Roads Elementary School in the ESL program to enhance my language skills in English.
  • Enrolled in a public school in Guayama P.R.

    August 1998 I was enrolled in a public school in Guayama Puerto Rico, due that my dad had retired of the Navy and my family was undecided in where to live. I was enrolled in Costa Azul for a full year in 8th grade in where I had problems in Spanish, but I survived and defended myself very well. This is where I practiced the Spanish I had learned from my Mother and her family.
  • Moved back to Orlando Florida

    1999-2003 My family decided to move back to Orlando Florida and this is where I began 9th grade and finished my high school years. Through my high school years I was enrolled in the ESL program due that I was always involved with both languages and wanted to be with kids that knew both languages as I. In 2003 I graduated from 12th grade.
  • Enrolled in Valencia Community College in Orlando FL,

    2003-2005 I enrolled in Valencia Community College to take my basic courses. I started to get behind due that I had to take an exit exam at the end of each class. So I decided to move back to P.R. with my aunt to finish school.
  • Flew back to Puerto Rico

    2006-2010- I flew back to Puerto Rico and began to study in Interamerican University. I decided I wanted to become an English teacher since all my life I had great teachers that helped me in both languages.
  • Graduated

    2010- I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in teaching English as a second language with honors.
  • Began working in The Department of Education

    2011-2012 I began in the department of education as a teacher for first grade in Enrique Huyke bilingual school in Arroyo Puerto Rico. It was a new and great experience in which I learned and enjoyed teaching. I started a certification program that The Department of Education was offering. Teach English to students in a secondary level. I completed my courses and hours in June 20, 2012.
  • Began Bilngual Certification and in a new school.

    2012-present In the summer of 2012 I began a new certification program in Sagrado Corazon for teaching students in Bilingual schools. Now I’m in a new school in Guayama Puerto Rico, Simon Madera Bilingual School. I recently teach 3rd grade all classes except Spanish. I’m enjoying every minute, because I practice my English with my students and learn something new each day. I don’t know what the future holds for me only God knows, but I’m happy I chose this profession.
  • Began working in a Private school Saint Marcos Elementary school

    2010-2011 I began working in a private school teaching topic class (science and social studies in English) to students from 3rd grade to 6th grade.