By jennyte
  • First Time

    This day was the first time I had a dessert. I was so fasincated about the taste that i decided to research and start my own website on it. I had a slice of a black forest cake and was so amazed by the taste I couldn't stop talking about it. Best dish ever!
  • Dream On

    I had the wierdest dream that I would become the best pastry chef by the time I graduate. I would be famous and everyone would pay me large amounts of money just to eat my desserts. Weird. I know, right? I know it will never happen. I'm in Year 10 and I have no interest in cooking. I rather eat than cook.
  • Making it myself

    Two days later I decided to chanllenge myself. I searched up a dessert recipe. My eyes landed on the a black forest recipe and I tried it out myself. Getting all the utensils and getting myself prepared. Everything was going fine until I didn't sift my flour well enough. The result was the cake looked distored and tasted funny. I couldn't stand it so I threw it away. I know, I know. It's a waste of food and money but I just can't bring myself it eat it. Digusting.
  • Found

    This day I found an interesting book. Well, I didn't actually find it my cat did. Weird. But anyway, I took a look at the book and it seems that I found my grandmother's recipe book. My grandmother used to be a patissierie until she passed away. I described it as a great find. I took the book and ran to my room to study it. It contained the best recipes I had ever seen.
  • Fixing Up

    Let's clear up what I said yesterday. It turns out that my cat was chasing a mouse and jumped up to the shelves in an attempt to catch it. My cat failed and he made the books tumble down on the floor. The books scattered everywhere and I found my grandmother's recipe book in the pile of books. It was tough putting the books back. I'm not tall enough to reach the top shelf. Curse my short legs. Anyways, I accomplised the task eventually.
  • Bad Laptop

    Researching about our desserts for a class task was annoying. My laptop had to die on me when I needed it the most. The whole time in class I just stared at my partner fixing up the website. Anyway I like desserts so I was willing to take the time to research about it in my own time.
  • Recipes

    We were in the process of creating our website for our favourite desserts. People reading our timeline should come visit us often on our website 'Delicious Desserts". We update new and tasty recipes once we have the time. Never miss out! It's the BEST!