Dennis historical events in canada

  • Jan 1, 1543


    In 1543 jacques cartier claimed the territory for the king of france.In 1604 samuel de champlain arrived and stayed he established the seigneurial system of land tenure,the catholic church and fur trade in the new territory.In 1760 montreal came under british control under treaty of paris french retained control of fishing rights in newfoundland acquired title to saint pierre miquelon and regained control of it`s island in the west indies.In 1774 ,the quebec act restored french civil law while
  • 1775-1763

    In 1763 ottawa warrior pontiac led a group of warriors and raided interior trading posts in a desperate bid to hold back european expansion. Indian territory was set aside by george washington as "temporary expedient to quiet the minds of the indians" -The american revolution ended with the treaty of paris in 1783 which established the border between canada and the united states.It stretched from the atlantic to lake of the woods,on what is now the manitoba-ontario border.
  • 1791-1798

    1798 colony of st john's island renamed to prince edward island -1809 labrador coast annexed to newfoundland -1818 boundary between canada and the united states established at 49th parrallel from lake of the woods to the rockies oregon territory created to be jointly administered by britain and the u.s.