David Jose's life

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    david jose life

    i burn in barranquilla
  • When I was born

    When I was born
    I was born in Clinica Valledupar and all my family was very happy that day. My cousin came from barranquilla and all my family was in Valledupar. Then we went to the house of my grandparents to celebrate my birth.
  • My first bath

    My first bath my grandmother gave me was in a bathtub of my house, where it seems that the water felt very cold because I began to mourn. My mother and my father let me cry.
  • My first travel.

    My first travel was to Barranquilla on 22nd of February of 2001. I went to the house of my uncle and everybody was very happy and then I went to the house of my grandmother and there were the relatives of my father. The next day we did many things.
  • The first time I went upstairs on my own

    The first time I went upstairs on my own
    When I was seven months old I crawled the stairs... I saw my grandmother's house and started to go upstairs everybody was frightened to see me alone and went out to see if I could just do it... and I did!
  • New Year

    New Year
    I celebrated that new year in Hotel Las Americas in Cartagena, that night I shared with my family. That night was my first new year. All my family was so happy. I slept all the night.
  • My first day in school

  • My baptism

    My baptism
    It was a really good day because Jesus came to my life. I recieved Him in Natividad church in a ceremony called "Vigilia pascual" and that day my godparents stayed with me all the ceremony.
  • My first birthday

    My first birthday
    My first birthday was in Valledupar in my school and there were most of my relatives and my friends. I was very happy. The party was of Winnie the Pooh. There was a big cake and I put my face into the cake.
  • My first time that I dress up in hallowen

    My first time that i dress up was a rabbit and i went to rancho klaren´s with my cousins and my parents mounted me in the kidies and all the day I asked for a candies and ice cream taht day was so good for me
  • My first gift

    My first gift
    My first gift was a teddy bear that had a ball in its shoe. I was so happy that day because I played too much with the teddy bear and my cousins. The dinner that day was coconut rice, baked chicken and fruits salad.
  • When I moved to Barranquilla

    When I moved to Barranquilla I went in the car and when I got to Barranquilla I went to my house. I was so nervous because I didn't have friends I only had my cousisn living in Barranquilla. But the next day I had a fun that day and I was so happy.
  • My first trip to Medellin

    My first trip was to Medellin. I was in Feria de las Flores. I stayed one week in Medelllin and I enjoyed that beatiful city and the parade of old cars with my parents. I went to many farms and then I went to Barranquilla .
  • Carnavales in barranquilla

    Carnavales in barranquilla
    That day I was with my parents and my cousins and uncle and aunts. That day we went to the ¨Batalla de Flores¨, we saw many comparsas and the there was lots of Maizena and many things.
  • My first closing of an academic year

    My first closing of an academic year
    My first closing was in Barranquilla in the threate of my school. That day my friends and I played music... they were so good, there were my parents and my cousins and my uncle and aunt. That day the school gave me a gift I was so happy.
  • When i came to live in Valledupar

    That day was so sad becausei come from Barranquilla to Valledupar that day I had a champion of swimin but that day descaradamente I come to live to Valledupar but when i was here I was so happy because I was with my family of Valledupar
  • My first ¨piscinazo¨

    My first piscinazo was in Club Campestre with my friends and my family I. It was so good, the party was of Pirates of Caribbean that day I gave towels to the guests. But a kid crashed with the stairs on a slide and the party finished.
  • My first car

    my first car was a KIA sportage that day I and my parents went to Barranquilla when I see the car I was so excited because I have new car I ride in the car all the day,that day was so happy for my parent's and me. The next day I went to Valledupar
  • When I came to Colegio Bilingue

    When I came to Colegio Bilingue I was so scared because I didn´t know people, but when I started to know many people and I took my class and at the end of the day I was in sport and I played football.
  • My first dog

    My first dog
    My first dog was a pug it name was Luna, I was so happy I played with her and I gave her food and she slept in my bedroom but in her minihouse. But one day she got sick and we gave it to a friends of the family.
  • My ninth birthday

    My ninth birthday was in Happy City in Guatapuri Mall. It was a good day. That day all my friends and part of my family went there, I played with all my friends and my cousins, when my mom was going to cut the cake I stuck my head in it... and that day was so cool.
  • My first trip to Bogotá

    My first trip to Bogotá
  • My first communion

    My first communion
    My first comunion was so good, all my family came to Valledupar. I was so happy because I recieved Jesus' body and his blood, when I got home from the school I went to the celebration in Club Valledupar. It was so cool and when the celebration finished. I went to my house with all my family.
  • My first trip to USA

    My first trip to USA
    My first travel to USA was really nice because I went in Avianca and when I was in the house in USA I was happy because it was the first time that I traveled to USA. The next 4 days I was in a Park Fair. The next day I was in Disney World. I enjoyed to much that day. I went to the highest roller coaster in the world but in another park. Then we went back to Colombia.
  • New year

    That day was especial for all the people in the city because it was new year i was in my uncle´s house and play a Franco arguelles and Orlando liñan all my family was there we do a dinner and I enjoyed the new year 2010
  • Convivencia with RUAH

    That day was the first time that I had a convivencia with RUAH. We met people who came from Bogota: Beto and Maria Paula (Panda) we had the convivencia in "Portal de la Guadua" we played many games and we shared food and drink. That day was so good for all 4 Grade.