Dates in Roman history

  • 753 BCE

    According to the legend of Romulus and Remus , Rome is founded.

  • 509 BCE

    The Etruscans are driven out of Rome and the Roman Republic is formed

  • 197 BCE

    Spain becomes a Roman province

  • 146 BCE

    A new province of Africa is established

  • 55 BCE

    Julius Caesar's first invasion of Britain

  • 44 BCE

    Julius Caesar is murdered

  • 21 BCE

    Octavianus declares peace in the Roman world, and he becomes Augustus, the first Emperor of Rome

  • 43

    emperor Claudius army invades Britain

  • 79

    Mt Vesuvius erupts. Pompeii is destroyed

  • 80

    Emperor Titus opens the world's largest Amphitheatre, the Colosseum.

  • 112

    Emperor Hadrian has a wall built across northern England to keep the Picts and Celts out of Roman territory

  • 410

    The Roman army leaves Britain