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D. Langcay/ Big Brother

By Langcay
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    D. Langcay/ Bro

  • Starting School

    Starting School
    When my bro started pre primary at JSR
  • Becoming a BIG bro

    Becoming a BIG bro
    My brother became a big brother when I was born
  • Starting Highschool

    Starting Highschool
    My bro starting highschool
  • Vacation

    When me, my bro and dad wen't on a vacation at the philippines for 5 weeks
  • Graduating Highschool

    Graduating Highschool
    Finishing school and graduating
  • Starting Uni

    Starting Uni
    My brother began Uni at Curtain University
  • My birthday present

    My birthday present
    My brother got his fist car a HONDA Civic Si 2000
  • The big ANOUNCEMENT!

    The big ANOUNCEMENT!
    My bother proposed to his girlfriend who he has been going out for 4 years with
  • First Job

    First Job
    His first job in land surveying