Creating A Music Magazine By Ashraf Uddin

  • Research and planning on case studies

    I analysed two magazines which where the 'NME' Mgazine alongside the 'Billboard' Magazine, I analysed the layouts, audience, genre, etc.
  • Period: to

    Producing Shuffle Magagzine

  • Prelimenary Task on a College magazine (LSC)

    Prelimenary Task on a College magazine (LSC)
    I had to create my own magazine, this was a taste of using photoshop to creating a magazine for the first time. I created a front and contents page.
  • Audience research on premiliminary task

    I gathered feedback, this was done through class as well as other peers around colleg. I also used the socioal networking site facebook to do this.
  • Drafting and fanalizing

    Drafting and fanalizing
    Here i had to design and draft my own housetyles for m y magazine front cover, contents page as well as my Doble Page Spread
  • Planning and shooting

    Planning and shooting
    Here Floriane took pictures of Myself and other group members which would later feauture in my magazine cover contents page as well as Double page spread.
  • Editing your magazine

    I used Adobe Photoshop mainly to design and edit my front cover, Contents Page and Double page spread. I also used InDesign.
  • Planning and scripting the evaluation

    This was the [process of parting the questions between my groupn and planning and writing down our overall answers which was the overall evaluation.
  • Editing the evaluation

    This was the process of going to the mac suites to edit our voice overs using final cut pro and then it was split to 3 parts to be uploaded onto our website