Corayma's Timeline

  • Day of birth

    Day of birth
    This is the day I was born, In San Cayetano, Nayarit, Mex. Th pisture is of the hospital I was born in.
  • Period: to

    Corayma's Timeline

  • Got Baptized

    Got Baptized
    On this day i got baptized into the Catholic Church, the day on there isn't the exact day. The picture above is of a catholic church because i wasn't able to fina photo of my actual church
  • Mex to USA

    On this day we imigraded from Marquezado, Nayarit, Mex. to Cslifornia In the United States. the month and year is exact except the day.
  • First Walk

    First Walk
    This is when I started walking, its not exactly "The date" but the month and year are real. The baby girl in the pic isn't me because i was able to find any pics of myself.
  • My Little Sister was born

    My Little Sister was born
    On this day, I was so Excited because I was finally gonna have a baby sister to play with, being the oldest and what not. She was born In Los Angeles California
  • Move from apartments in aurora to 1st house in Montbello

    Move from apartments in aurora to 1st house in Montbello
    The Image above is our actual house the day and month isnt excat but the year is correct.
  • 1st family car

    This is when we got out first car family car and didn't have to go walking to school anymore. Not the exact day but month and year is.
  • 1st day of Ece

    1st day of Ece
    On this Day I attended my 1st school which was Barney Ford Elementary School, which is the imagine shown above.
  • I won my 1st Kindergarden Science fair

    The month and day isn't exact but on th year of 2001 I was won of the winners in the science fair. My experiment was about water causing things to float I believe.
  • My First Tooth

     My First Tooth
    On this year of 2002 (not exact month or day) I lost my 1st tooth, becauase my cousin hit me with a toy.
  • Going back to Mexico

    On this sate (not exact day) I returned to my home town to visit in Mexico because I finally got my papers
  • Little Brother was born

    Little Brother was born
    On this date my little brother was born premature.,
  • Car accident

    Car accident
    On this day we had a car accident the image is the actual image of how our nissan titan truck turned out.
  • My paternal Grandparents death

    The car accident we had was cause the death of my grandparents. Baldomero Torres & Feliciana Avila R.I.P
  • New Baby Brother Born

    On this day, the baby that was in my mothers womb when we had our caraccident & survived was born.
  • My 1st time visiting Washington State

    This was my 1st visit to Seattle & Renton Washington.
  • My Quincenera

    My Quincenera
    This isn't the date of my birhtday but it was the day My Family celebrated my Quinceanera.
  • Big Move From our 1st house

    On this day we moved from our house, in which we lived for 13yrs.
  • Started 10th grade