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  • Period: to

    French Revoltuion

  • Cause 1 of the French Revolution

    Cause 1 of the French Revolution
    France had fought in and spent a lot of money and fighting agenst England. with helping supporting the united states with there war then the king sent almost all of frances money to the umited states.
  • Cause 2

    Cause 2
    the queen spent alot of money. that france really didnt even have and the parties she was throughing were really expencive and the leftt overs could probably feed a family for a month
  • Cause 3

    Cause 3
    before the revolution france had droughts. and almost everyone or atleast the common family worked on a farm to support the family and the family only ate 1 loaf of bread a day
  • Cause 4

    Cause 4
    the 1st and 2nd estates did not pay any taxes at all. the only estate that paid taxes was the 3rd estate which was the common people and the workers which took up 98% of the population.
  • Cause 5

    Cause 5
    the common people were getting ideas from the philosophers. that they actually diserve rights like freedom and not to be the only class to be taxed and how it is unfair to them.
  • Causes of the French Revolution

    Causes of the French Revolution
    reasons for the french revolution had to expand from being taxed to heavily to the king and queen spending money they dont have
  • Formation of National Assembly

    Formation of National Assembly
    France ran out of money so they called a assembly of all estates to see what they should do or who they should tax. The 1st and 2nd estate out voted 3rd estate.
  • D.R.M.

    The 3rd estate was outraged by the out voting of the 3rd estate so they decided they would look for a document that they could base a constion off of. Then they found the decleration of independence of the united states. Then they vowed to meet on the tenis court each day till they had a constition for the people made.
  • The Revoulution Begins

    The Revoulution Begins
    *involes the French
    *it was soon after the American Revolution
    *We didnt help them
    *Goes agenst the goverment
  • The Bread March

    The Bread March
    Thousand of wemon from Paris marched to Versailles and were armed with broomsticks, lances, pitchforks, swords, pistols, and muskets they wanted food and to sign the D.R.M.
  • Results of the bread march

    Results of the bread march
    thousand of wemon broke into the kingdom killed all the guards and took the king and queen captive. the king and queen were forced to sign the D.R.M. the king and queen will never see versiall again.
  • king louis XVI post arrest

    king louis XVI post arrest
    After king louis XVI got arrested him and the royal family had to live in a palice. where king louis was forced to sign documents taking away his power with each one.
  • king louis 16th death

    king louis 16th death
    King Louis was the king of France. After the third class being taxed so long and being put into jail king louis was sent to the gulloitine.
  • War

    king louis the XVI was beheaded. this started a war between Austria, Prussia, Spain, Portugual, Britian, and the Dutch republic all agenst France. If France lost the revolution would be a total waste and the absloute monarchy would be restored with a new king and queen.
  • Reigon of Terror

    Reigon of Terror
    At the start of this war it was looking bad for the french austria got 30 miles around paris and then britian surrounded frances navel ports so they couldn't get any supplies or food
  • Period: to

    The French Revolution

    King Louis XVI became king and wasted a lot of the money that France had and put them in debt and cause the common people to be put in a hard working possition with no or little pay so the common people revolted and became the start of the French Revolution and a lot of events in between the beginning and the end were king Louis the XVI death ended the Revolution
  • French Revolution Ends

    French Revolution Ends
    the absolute monarchy ends the 1st and 2nd estate lose all power and the church also loses all power