Claudia Morales

  • My birth

    I was born in Santiago. My parents are Auristela and Osvaldo
  • My firts birthday

    I received a lot of toys
  • My firts Steps

    I gave my firts steps in my grandfather's house
  • My firts Words

    I said "Mom"
  • My firts Travel

    We Traveled to "Curacautín"
  • My first day at school

    I went to "Kinder"
  • My first Best Friend

    I met Maria Jesus
  • My first dance at School

    I danced "La Diablada"
  • My first pranks

    I broke a vase
  • My first swiming pool

    It was a birthday present. I swam a lot
  • My first Dog

    My first dog was "Junior"
  • My first Boyfriend

    His name was "Bryan"
  • My first Kiss

    I kissed Bryan
  • My first Concert

    I went to Porta's Concert
  • My first Year at Highschool

    I made a lot of friends