Clarissa's Timeline

  • Birth Year

    The day i was born, March 8, 1996 At denver health
  • 1997- Clarissa's First Birthday

    Clarissa's First Birthday
  • Rode my first electric motorcycle & my first tractor

  • Started ECE in Barmun Elemetry

  • First day in Kindergarden

  • First trip to California, at the beach

  • Life as a first grader

  • My life as a second grader

  • First family dinner. My sisters married

  • First place science winner and best of show

  • Broke my arm and had to get a cast

  • My volleyball team was the Northewest volleyball champs

  • My Confirmation

  • Newcoming Freshman. Class of 2014

  • My quinceanera

  • Continuation of 8th grade