Civil Wars (1642-1651)

By LaskaX
  • Period: to

    Duel contradictory governement

  • Charles I declares war to his own people

  • Battle of Edgehill

  • The Solemn League and Covenant, for Reformation and Defence of Religion, The Honor and Happinesse of the King, and the Peace and Safety of the three Kingdomes of Scotland, England, and Ireland

  • Battle of Adwalton Moor

  • Battle of Roundway Down

  • First Battle of Newbury

  • Solemn League and Covenant

  • A Directory for The Publique Worship of God

  • Battle of Marston Moor

  • Second Battle of Newbury

  • Battle of Naseby

  • King prisoner by Scots

  • Putney Debates

  • Tensions Parliament <--> Army

  • Army force House of Commons vote what they wanted (new taxation...))

  • Agreement of the People

  • Charles I escape to Isle of Wight

  • "Pridge's Purge" == army purge Parliament

  • Period: to

    Cromwell's army defeated the royalists at Preston

  • Charles I executed