Cindy's Technology Life

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  • Camera

    My very first camera! You had to add the big thing of flash bulbs. They were expensive so you had be picky at what you took pictures of. And you had to use film. Usually your pictures never turned out very good.
  • No more dialing

    No more dialing
    When I was about 8 we went from the rotary phone to the push button. It was SO much faster to push all the numbers now!
  • Listening to music

    Listening to music
    When I was in high school my brother got a Chevy Van, with nice new tuck-n-roll leather up the sides and shag carpet all through out. We put in the Grassroots 8 track tape and listened to Live for Today. His stereo was so high tech, it was the first time you could hear a single sound from each speaker! Quadraphonic baby! The song went, 1, 2, 3, 4, Live for today. Each number was in a different speaker!
  • Basketball in high school

    Basketball in high school
    When I played basketball in high school, my dad would come and video tape my games, he would bring 2 suitcases of equipment. One was the recorder and the other the stand for it. It took him like 30 minutes to set the whole thing up.
  • Atari computer games

    Atari computer games
    I remember sitting for hours playing Kaboom! The black and white screen with the little jail bird guy dropping a bomb off the brick wall and the line at the bottom trying to catch it.
  • Moving up with the music

    Moving up with the music
    When I graduated from high school, the Sony Walkman's were just coming out. I got one for graduation. I thought I was so cool taking it everywhere with me, with my homemade mixed tapes!
  • Best wedding gift

    Best wedding gift
    One of my favorite gifts for our wedding was a Polaroid camera. It was so fun to see your pictures right then!
  • I'm having a baby

    I'm having a baby
    When I was pregnant with my first baby, I had to page my husband with a "911" if I was in labor. If it was for something else, I just did our number, because I wasnt as important!
  • First Cell phone

    First Cell phone
    We thought we were pretty cool when we got our first cell phone. The minutes were so expensive, we had to stay under 1 minute for each phone call. And carrying that thing around was horrible!
  • My first computer

    My first computer
    My husband and I bought our first computer in 1990. It cost around $3500.00. I remember sitting around the tiny screen watching a video that was SO slow and we thought it was the coolest thing ever.