By csanch1
  • 7.2 Exosystem

    7.2 Exosystem
    My mom had gotten a job at a hospital to watch over children while the parents were with the doctor. It was kind of like a day care. My mom said that this experience she had, had a huge impact on how she felt about raising a child. There were many different types of children she encountered from different methods of parenting and my mom learned how to take care of different behaviors.
  • 1.1 Birth

    I was born on Tax Day. It is a stressful day for some adults as this is the final day for taxes to be paid, but Starbucks does give away free coffee on this day.
  • 2.4 APGAR

    Breathing effort is observed, temperature is taken, heart rate is taken with a stethoscope, the weight is checked and weight is 8 pounds 5 ounces which is normal, measurements are taken, heart rate is taken, along with breathing, again to observe how the baby is adapting to birth, and the baby reacts to touch which all concludes a healthy baby.
  • 4.2 First Word

    One of my first words was "bobba". This word was a way of saying "bottle" when I wanted my bottle. This word was a lable for an object which is a nominal that is usually a child's first word. I also only used "bobba" for a specific bottle and it had to have milk in it which would be like underextension which is also something that some children do with thier first few words.
  • 5.1 Kohlberg's and Gender

    I would estimate Parker's age to be about 2 years old. I think this because Kohlberg's theory says that children can show knowledge of the gender of others at 18 months and acquire their own gender identity between 2-3 years. Since Parker could identify the gender of adults in her life, it showed that she would be over 18 months old. However, Parker was unable to identify her own gender which shows she has not yet developed gender idenity which would mean she is less than 3 years old.
  • 6.1 Self-Conscious Emotions

    I displayed a self-conscious emotion when I was 2 years onld. The emotoin I displayed was guilt. I had taken a whole box of cookies from the kitchen and my dad caught me. I stood in front of him with the box behind my back and my head down. I also had a faint smiling as if I was trying to show that nothing was wrong and to distract the fact that I had cookies behind my back. This was a sign of guilt for taking the box of cookies when I wasn't supposed to.
  • 6.2 Self Control

    When I was about 2 years old, I was still going through potty training. I remember when I was playing in the sprinkler outside during a hot summer day and I had to go to the bathroom. My first thought was not to run to the bathroom, but I stopped and thought for a second before running in the house to the bathroom. This was an example of self control as I did what my parents would want me to do.
  • 7.1 Parental Strategies

    7.1 Parental Strategies
    When I was young, my mom would put me in time out when I got in trouble. While I was in time out, she told me to think about what I did wrong and tell her when I think of an answer. Her intention was to teach me good values. I was in the stage when I would just think of the good and bad stereotype, but when I did my mom would explain to me how my bad actions could affect other people.
  • 8.2 School Transitions

    8.2 School Transitions
    This is around the age when I started kindergaren. I was very excited to start school as I was every year. This supports the transition material as I was fairly successful in class with grades and I transitioned smoothly into a new class. I also knew a neighbor friend who was also starting school with me and we were familiar with each other. With the pressence of familiar peers, we both adapted pretty easily to the new classroom environment.
  • 4.1 Memory

    An early memory that I remeber fairly well is my first day of kindergarten. I remember the day well because I came home and was very excited to tell me parents every single thing I did that day. I had the picture to show them and very many friends to talk about. The theory that fits my earlist memory is when I bacame able to talk about my own life. I had the opportunity to narrate my experiences and the memories are now in my long term memory.
  • 5.2 Encouraging Gender Schemas

    Adults can encourage gender schemas through different methods. One way are the toys adults get there kids. Boys would get toys like sports stuff and girls would get dolls and kids would learn soe gender schemas this way. Another way are the clothes adults dress themselves around kids and the clothes adults give their kids. Like girls would wear dresses and mom would wear a dress to show that girls young and older wear dresses.
  • 8.1 Children and Television

    When I was younger, I remember waking up early every Saturday so I could watch the morning cartoons. The shows lasted all morning and I would be excited to watch them all. The cartoons I would watch all had a basic story line and each episode would have material that related to this simple storyline. This was very easy to follow for me which is why I enjoyed the cartoons so much. These cartoons were easy for me to understand which entertained me.
  • 3.1 Preoperational Magnetism

    3.1 Preoperational Magnetism
    I would teach a child about magnetism by using a velcro metaphor. The child my have velcro shoes at this age and would compare it to magnets. The velcro only sticks when the opposite sides touch together.
  • 1.2 Theories

    1.2 Theories
    According to the Bronfenbrenner theory, school is a place where child development can take place. School allows kids to interact and learn from the environment around them. The kids can be influenced by the culture and general beliefs around them and school is a place where this is possible.
  • 2.3 Evocative Gene Environment Correlation

    2.3 Evocative Gene Environment Correlation
    My teacher bought some legos for the entire class to play with during play time. The teacher encouraged us to play with them and I found them so interesting that I wanted to buy my own set and play with them at home.
  • 1.3 Methods

    There is a soccer coach who wants to know how to make soccer practice more fun for the kids on the team. A strategy that could be used is provide multiple drills that the kids could try and then the coach could observe the kids' attitudes and excitment throughout each drill. This could help the coach come to a conclusion about which drill the kids found more fun.
  • 3.2 Concrete Magnetism

    The child is a little older and can realize and understand things on his own. I would show him 2 magtets and show him the repulsion and attraction of magnets by bringing them close together and then flipping them over. The child will recongize the flip factor to the attraction and repulsion and learn magnetism through cognitive accomodation techniques.
  • 2.1 Passive Gene Environment Correlation

    2.1 Passive Gene Environment Correlation
    A passive correlation early in my life was story time every night with my mom before I went to bed. We would read a story together and it would help me learn and enjoy reading.
  • 2.2 Active Gene Environment Correlation

    2.2 Active Gene Environment Correlation
    First day of school and I went out to look for new friends which I found playing soccer on the field. I began to play soccer very much and prefered to play with these kids more often.
  • 6.3 Forclosure

    This was when I was around 4th grade. At this time, I remember I thought I should grow up to be a doctor or grow up to be someone in the medical field becuase both of my parents were. I was in the stage of forclosure because at this time, I had never thought about other options, but was very commited to becoming something like my parents. At this stage of my life, I had not explored the talents that I had or thought about what I wanted to be when I grew up.
  • 7.3 Crowds and Cliques

    7.3 Crowds and Cliques
    When I was still in middle school, I noticed myself beginning to prefer hanging around a group of guys. All the guys in our group woud play sports and we were all very competitive either in athletics or academics in class. We enjoyed beating each other but we all respected each other when we lost. These peers shared many interests as myself so we were comfortable spending time as a group.
  • 3.3 Imaginary Audience

    3.3 Imaginary Audience
    In middle school, I remember I was shy and never wanted to ask questions because I didn't want people to think I was dumb. I also never answered questions the teacher asked. Even if I knew the answer, I wouldn't raise my hand because I also didn't want people to think I was trying to show off how smart I am. I was very self conscious of how people may think of me so I tried to give a neutral or normal image to others.
  • 3.3 Personal Fable

    My mom would pester me about playing video games too long everyday and wanted me to stop playing so much. This was a time when I felt my mom didn't understand how much it meant to me. I felt that playing the game helped me escape real life stressful things that were on my mind and helped me relax. I didn't think many people around me could understand this about me which is similar to the idea of personal fable.
  • 6.4 Moratorium

    This was when I around 7th grade. I had experienced middle school and my idenity began to change from forclosure to moratorium. I believe that I shifted into the moratorium stage because I began to think about other future careers for myself. I started to realize that there were some subjects in school that I liked more than others and could choose a career based on that. I was no longer set on becoming a doctor and very unsure what I wanted to be.
  • 7.4 Friendship

    7.4 Friendship
    A friendship I had was with my best friend. He was a person that shared alot of the same qualities as myself as we agreed on many things. He was someone I could trust and depend on. We frequently interacted socially and discussed many things like conflicts that we needed help with.This was a strong relationship because we two people that could cooperate very smoothly with little problems and we always found ways to reolve our problems that we had.