chichi nzeh

By nzehchi
  • chichi nzeh was born

    chichi nzeh was born
    chimuru nzeh was born to parents agatha and ghandy nzeh
  • 9 11

    9 11
    9-11 happend twin towers fell when planes flew into them
  • my 1st birthday

    my 1st birthday
    my 1st bkrthday they threw me a huge party i got many gifts
  • sister amara born

    sister amara born
    my sister amara was born to agatha and ghandy nzeh
  • first day of kindergarden

    first day of kindergarden
    i was very excited
  • brother was born

    brother was born
    my little brother chidozie was born to agatha and ghandy nzeh
  • my brothers day

    my brothers day
    the day we adopted my brother
  • my 8th birthday

    my 8th birthday
    i hade a huge birthday party at oasis
  • last day at scenic

    last day at scenic
    i was very sad to leave my school but excited to go to middle
  • first day in middle school

    i was very nerves about being in the same classes as the kids from sabold
  • my grand moms aunt died

    my grand moms aunt died
    the day befor we went on family vacation we had to dissconect her phone so no one could tell her till we got back home an a lot of family came to tell her about it she cried like crazy
  • 5th birthday party

    i hade a party at chucky cheeses