• Feb 10, 771

    Carloman dies

    Carloman dies which left Charles as the sole ruler of the Franks. Charled the great is Carlus the magnus who is Charlemagne. He spend his time praying reading scripture and fasted also sang in church choir. His Catholicism seemed pretty external.
  • Pepin dies

    He leaves his empire to his 2 sons-Canoman and Charles. Pepin was there father. he leed wars against the Franks. he was succeded by his son. Pepin was the first king of the empire.he played an integral role in the foundation of the Holy Roman Empire and began the work of subduing the Saxons, which was finished by his son Charlemagne.
  • Charlemagne defeats the Lombards

    Charlemagne defeats the lombards. he was the first person to Unite the Germanic tribes. The lombards were a tribe who had little power and had lots of land. this happened in Pavia.they won by dipomacy and open attack.
  • Charlemagne becomes emperor of Rome

    they say that Charlemagne was the first emperor of rome. this happened on Christmas day. Charlemagne travled to Rome to investigate accusations of corruption in the papacy. Pope Leo crowned him with the words Hail Charles the Augustus crown of God and the great peace-bringing emperor of the Romans. he was holy by Gods will and implied a continuity of roman empire
  • bloody Verdict of Verdon

    Charlemagne arrested 4500 Saxon Rebels, who worshipped false gods. The saxons rebled against Charlmagne for not being Christian, they wanted it there germanic way. the Saxons surrendered.