Chapter 23 Section 3: Napolean Forges an Empire

  • Napolean was born

  • Napolean Graduates and joins the army

    At the age of 16 Napolean garduates school and joins the army as a lieutenant, in the artillery
    Later when the revolution broke out Napolean joined the rebels.
  • Ideas of Freedom and Revolution Reach Saint Domingue

    The ideas of the Revolution reached Saint Domingue the slaves demand freedom, when they don't get it they rebel and capture the colony for themselves.
  • Napolean a Hero

    Napolean and his gunners defend delegates aginst thousands of royalists, he instantly becomes a hero of the republic.
  • Napolean a French Military Leader

    The Directory appoints Napolean to lead the army against Austria and Sardinia. Napolean crosses the alps with his forces, and wins battles all over Italy.
    THe Directory orders Napoleon to disrupt Indian trade with Great Britain. Napolean goes to Egypt to disrupt English trade, by capturing the Cape of Good Hope, but fails. However, he manages to keep his failures out of the papers back in France, and is still celebrated as a hero.
  • Napolean Takes Power

    The Directory begins to loses the confidence of the people and control of politics. When Napolean comes back from Egypt his friends advise him to seize power, so in November he drives out most members of legislature. The remaining members vote to dissolve the Directory and replace it with 3 consuls. Napolean is named the first consul and has the power of a dictator. France is still at war.
  • Alliance Against Napolean

    -England, Austria, and Russia make an alliance against Napolean.
    -Napolean responds by leading his troops into war.
  • Napolean an Elected Consul?

    Napolean pretends to be the constitutionally chosen leader of a new government, and holds a vote for a new constitution, which gives him complete power. The constitution passes the vote.
  • Napolean Loses land

    Remember Saint Domingue, well Napolean decides he wants it back. The French forces go to take the colony, but suffer from disease, and discover the rebels are fierce warriors. Napolean doesn't get the land back :-(.
  • Europe at Peace

    After war and diplomacy the three nations come to peace agreements with Napolean, and Europe is at peace for the first time in 10 years.
  • Napolean Sells His Lands in the Americas

    Napoleon sells the Louisiana Territory to Jefferson (LewisandClark, yay.) Doing this Napoleon does two things, one get 15 mil. for France. Second, punishes Britain, by supporting the U.S., who he believes will eventually "humble England's Pride"
  • Napoleon the Emperor

    After being supported in his decision to become Emperor by the people. At an elaborate ceremony the Pope hands Napolean a crown, and Napolean crowns himself. This signaled that Napoleon was moer powerful than the pope, because he crowned himself.
  • Battle of Trafalger

    This was the only loss by Napoleon in his European conquest, but resulted in the loss of half of his navy. This ensured the supremacy of the British navy for the next 100 years, and forced Napoleon to give up the idea of taking England.
  • Period: to

    Napoleon Mantains Control of his Army at its Peak

    After 1812 the army suddenly collapses due to Napoleon's actions.
  • Napoleon Controls a Lot of Land

    Napoleon controls all of Europe except for Britain, Portugal, Sweden, and the Ottoman Empire.