Chapter 11 Timeline

  • Me 1 year from today

    One year from today I hope to have graduated, traveled Europe for the summer, and have begun a salaried big girl job
  • Me 2 years from today

    Two years from today I hope to have a job with a salary of at least 80K and to have start looking into jobs that are traveled based or not in Orlando
  • Me 5 years from today

    In five years I hope to see myself in an event managerial position at a hotel or a part of a coordinating team for a large scale event such as the Olympics. By then I hope my career has either taken me abroad or living in Texas, Arizona, or the West Coast of Florida. These are all locations that my major thrives in both money wise and business wise and are places I could see myself having a home in.
    For reference I an an event management major so my timeline will be focused towards that.
  • Me 10 years from today

    In 10 years I hope to be either a lead coordinator with the Olympics team or be the lead event planner and coordinator at a large venue or hotel. I will be settled down with a family and be within the first year or two of beginning my own wedding businesses. My idea for this revolves around a difference in billing if you need help with just the centerpieces or the whole wedding. Billing would be based on the need not a package.
  • End of my career

    At the end of my career I just hope to be happy and have made some sort of an impact within my community. I hope my business has grown and I even have a few other offices and locations. I also wish to end my career working with a vineyard as I think that is a beautiful place to end my journey and retire with.