French revolution

ch. 18 French Revolution

  • Louis XVI is King

    Louis XVI is King
    Louis XVI becomes king at the age of 19. He had already married Maire Antoinette in 1770.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath
    After being locked out of the Estates General meeting, the 3rd Estate makes an oath never to seperate until France has a consitiution.
  • Storming of the Bastille

    Storming of the Bastille
    The National Assembly stormed the Bastille to free the French prisioners. Although there were very few prisioners, this event became a symbol of the revolution.
  • Constitution of 1791

    Constitution of 1791
    The National Assemble forms the Delcaration of the rights of man and the Citizen which limits the kings powers, includes equal treatment and the church losess it's right to tax.
  • France is a Republic with the Death of Louis XVI

    France is a Republic with the Death of Louis XVI
    Louis XVI is executed as a traitor on this day and in 1793 Marie antoinette also is sent to the guillotine. The sentence of Louis XVI was not a unaminous decision by the people; the decision was closely divided.