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  • Period: Jan 1, 1500 to

    The Catholic Reformation

  • Jan 1, 1530

    Religous wars started

  • Jan 1, 1531

    The death of Zwingli

    Zwingli, a very influencial religious leader, was killed in war between protestand and catholosism
  • Period: Jan 1, 1534 to Jan 1, 1549

    Pope Paul III

    Pope Paul III ruled from 1534- 1549
  • Jan 1, 1536

    Calvinism begins

    Calvin founded a protestant church and published the Institutes of Christian Religion
  • Oct 1, 1536

    the spread of Calvinism

    Calvinism became the official religion of Geneva, and soon spread to France.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1545 to Jan 1, 1563

    The Council of Trent

    the Council of Trent meets in the city of Trent in Italy in three sessions
  • Jan 1, 1550


    The religous conflict in Europe was dominated by the followers of a French-born reformer named John Calvin and a remarkable Catholic revival known as the Counter-Reformation
  • Jan 1, 1559

    The Index of Forbidden Books

    Pope Paul IV established the Index of Forbidden Books
  • Jan 1, 1562

    Calvinism in France

    The Huguenots defended themselves in a series of bloody civil wars with Catholics.
  • Eddict of Nantes

    King Henry IV issues the Eddict of Nantes, which gave Huguenots freedom of worship and some political rights.
  • Calvinism grows

    Calvinism churches were among the strongest of Protestant churches in Europe.