Celina Hu timeline1

  • 476

    The last Roman emperor in the West, Romulus Augustus, was deposed by the Foederati Chieftain, Odoacer.

  • 481

    Clovis I becomes ruler of the Salian Franks at the age of 13 after the death of his father.

  • 495

    Cerdic and Cynric land somewhere on the south coast of Great Britain.

  • 519

    Cerdic becomes the first King of Wessex.

  • 532

    Justinian I orders the construction of the Hagia Sophia.

  • 540

    The Ostrogoths convinvce the Persians to break their "Eternal" peace agreement with the Byzantine Empire. This creates a four front war for the Byzantines: Italy in the West, Persia in the East, Moors in North Africa and Barbarian tribes in the Balkans.

  • 552

    Justinian receives silkwormm eggs smuggled from China by two Nestorian Monks. He intends to set up his own Silk production to bypass the need to trade with the far East.

  • 572

    Byzantine Emperor Justin II breaks peace with Persia and invades Nisibis. Lombards take the Byzantine stronghold of Pavia and establish the Kingdom of the Lombards in Northern Italy.

  • 586

    Constantine of Kernyw converts to Christianity. Dumnonia is the Southwestern most peninsula of Britain.

  • 593

    The Byzantines push back the Slavs, Avars, and Gepids and cross the Danube into Wallachia.

  • Feb 12, 600

    Smallpox arrives in Europe for the first time. Augustine of Canterbury converts King Ethelbert of Kent to Christianity.

  • Feb 12, 610

    Heraclius overthrows the Byzantine Emperor and changes the official language from Latin to Greek. The Avars attempt and fail to invade Italy.