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Catherine's far

  • The beginning

    I was born in Doylestown, PA.
  • Moved to Lithonia, GA

  • Started First Grade

  • Moved to Fayetteville, GA

  • Graduated from High School

  • Started at Georgia Southern University

  • Graduated from GSU

    Everyone in my immediate family (dad, mom, sister) ALL graduated from college on the date of June 8th. Of course, we were all in different years! :-)
  • Got my first teaching job

    My first teaching job was at South Forsyth Middle School in Cumming, GA.
  • My sister's death

    My sister, Margaret, was in a tragic traffic accident. My life has never been the same, but I have learned so much from her life and her death. She was 25, and had a great time while she was here on earth. I know I'll see her again in Heaven.
  • Began teaching at Vickery Creek Middle School

  • Incorporated my business, By Invitation Only

  • Signed the first lease for shop

  • Left my teaching career

  • Opened my shop, By Invitation Only

    (Yep, just ONE day after I finished post planning!!) Yikes! It was a BUSY spring!
  • Visted Switzerland

  • Began Weight Watchers

  • Reached -100lbs on WW

  • Began at Chick-fil-A Corporate Headquarters

  • Started my LAST class through Lesley University

  • My Master's degree Graduation

  • My 37th Birthday