Carly's Timeline

  • Date of Birth

    I was born by a cesarean section 4 days past my due date. I weighed eight pounds, ten ounces, and was 20 1/2 inches long. My mom was checked twice prior to make sure I wasn't twins. I was in the 90 percentile for height and weight.
  • Period: to

    Carly's Lifespan

  • Thumb-sucking

    Found my thumb, and began sucking it. Favored the right thumb over the left.
  • Sleeping

    Began sleeping through the night. I slept in the same room with my parents, but in a cradle rather than the bed.
  • Immunization

    Received my first immunization (DTaP).
  • Waving

    Waved bye-bye, and played patty-cake.
  • Stairs

    Climbed up the stairs for the first time.
  • First word

    Said da-da. My first real word was "hot" on 7/5/92
  • Voice

    Recognized and responded to the sound of my dad's voice over the phone.
  • First steps

    Took my first successful steps.
  • Teeth

    Brushed my teeth for the first time without assistance.
  • Potty trained

    Successfully used my "potty chair"
  • Three-word sentences

    First three-word sentences. "I help you" and "I got it".
  • Utensils

    Used a fork to feed myself properly.
  • Day Care

    Began day care, as well as began developing separation anxiety.
  • Gender Roles

    Started "role-play" and gender roles/differences.
  • Shoes

    Tied my shoes for the first time.
  • Best friend

    Met my best friend, Samantha.
  • Bike

    Rode my bike for the first time.
  • Activites

    Began figure skating lessons, ballet, and tap classes.
  • Collecting

    Began collecting Beanie Babies.
  • Kindergarden

    Start kindergarden at Cleveland Elementary School.
  • Chicken Pox

    Went through my only case of Chicken Pox.
  • Gifted

    While in first grade, I was walked down to the second grade classes to participate in most of their daily routine. I was tested for a gifted program, but missed by a few points.
  • Gifted and accepted

    I tested again for a gifted program within my city, and passed the test to go to gifted schools.
  • New School

    Started the gifted program at Webster Elementary School.
  • Divorce

    My parents got divorced.
  • High School

    Started my first year at Franklin High School in Livonia.
  • Puberty

    Had my first period.
  • Moved in with Dad

    My parents had split custody, but my mom planned on moving out of state. I fought with my mom constantly, so I permanently moved in with my Dad.
  • Boyfriend

    Started my first serious, long-term, relationship with Garrett.
  • Pregnancy

    A girl in my class was the first peer I had heard of to give birth to a child.
  • Contraceptive

    Was put on birth control, even though I was not sexually active. My parents didn't believe my one-year relationship did not involve sex, and had me put on birth control.
  • Diagnosed

    I was diagnosed with slight depression and anxiety. Both run throughout my moms side of the family.
  • Beliefs

    I was never raised religiously, but began strongly believing in karma.
  • Drop Out

    A once close friend of mine dropped out of school in her senior year.
  • Graduation

    Graduated from Livonia Franklin High School.
  • College

    Began my first semester at Schoolcraft Community College.
  • Work

    Was hired at my first office job which pays more than minimum wage.
  • Being Healthy

    I do not smoke, and I've tried to start excercising. My goals are to start eating healthier.
  • Master's Degree

    I plan on earning my degree as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist.
  • Married

    Around this time I plan on being on the road to being married.
  • Children

    By this time, I will begin to think about having children.
  • Parents

    Beginning having to help care for my elderly parents.
  • Menopause

    Menopause should begin around when I am about 47 years old.
  • Retirement

    I will retire from my job, but still stay active in volunteer work and any other hobbies.
  • Memory

    My short-term memory will not be as sharp as it once was. I will love telling stories I can remember clearly, such as stories from my childhood and earlier years.
  • Hearing

    My hearing and vision will begin to decrease. By this time I will also have accumulated several wrinkles.
  • Living Will

    I will write my living will, and decide on a heath care proxy.
  • Comfort Care

    Will decide on palliative care. If necessary, I will sign a do not resusciate form.
  • Death

    I will die peacefully, with family around me.