• my birth

    Im santiago
  • my first birthday

    This day was the day I celebrated my first year of life
  • my first steps

    on this day was the first time they walk alone without assistance
  • My First Day of School

    here for the first time to attend college
  • My First Kiss

    I liked the kid who gave me my first kiss
  • The first birthday with my dad

    the first time my dad was with me at a birthday
  • My first boyfriend

    On this day the boy I liked asked me courtship
  • The birth of my niece

    on this day was one of the happiest of my life since my first niece was born
  • The day I started pololear with the father of my son

    this day my current boyfriend and father fututo my child asked me courtship
  • probable date of my pregnancy

    on this day was probably the day where you get pregnant
  • When I knew it would be Mother

    This day was not one of the best news but I am now happy and waiting for the day when my baby comes into the world