Carissa's Timeline

  • Louis XVI calls the Estates-General

    Who: Louis XVI
    What: Meets with the Estates-General
    When: the following year
    Where: Fracnce
    Why: -France was on the verge of bankruptry
    -Nobles, fearful of taxes, were denouncing royal tyranny
    -Louis XVI summoned the Estates-General to the meet at Versailles the following year
  • Period: to

    On the Eve of Revolution

  • French sought rebel

    When: 1789
    Why: -Social Stratifcation
    -Enlightenment/American Revolution
    -Economic Failure
    -Weak Government
  • The Tennis Court Oath

    Who: First, Second, and Third Estates
    What: Voting
    When: May 1789
    Where: Nation Assembly meeting hall
    Why/How: - the Third Estate wanted all three estates to meet in a single body, with votes counted 'by head.'
    - Third Estate declared themselves to be the National Assembly
    - They swore "never to seperate and to meet wherever the circumstances might require until we have established a sound and just constitution"
    - when reform-minded clergy the nobles joined the assembly and Louis XVI accepted it
  • The storming of the Bastille

    Who: The city of Paris
    What: seized the spotlight from the National Assembly
    Where: meeting in Versailles
    Why/How: more than 800 Parisians assembled outside the Bastille
    -Demanded weapons and gunpowder
    -the Commander refused to open the gates
    -they killed the commander and 5 guards
    -released a handful of prisoners
    -found no weapons
  • National Assembly Acts

    Who: Nobles
    What: voted to give up their own privilages and agreed to give up their old manorial dues, exclusive hunting rights, special legal status, and exemption from taxes
    Where: National Assembly Hall
    Why/How: Decloration announced "born and remain free and equal rights"
  • Monarchy is Abolished

    Who: French Army
    What: well-trained Prussian forces were cutting down raw French recruits
    Where: the royal palace
    Why/How: -Tenstions had lead to violence
    -Radicals take control and Execute the King
    -Radicals took control of the assembly
  • Spread of Nationalism

    Who: French people
    What: strong senses of national identity
    Where: Port City of Marsilles
    Why/How: Nationalism is a strong feeling of pride in a devotion to ones country
    -troops marched to a rousing new song
  • Robespierre and the Reign of Terror

    Who: suspected persons
    What: the revolution of France was overshadowed by a time of terror as the Committee of Public Safety
    When: from autumn 1793 to midsummer 1794
    Where: France
    Why/How: The number of suspects increased
    -the condemned might travel an hour to the guillotine by cart as onlookers threw mud at them
  • 3rd Stage of Revolution & Napolean's rise to power

    Who: Moderates
    What: produced another constitution
    Why/How: -set up a five man directory and a two-house legislature elected by male citizens of property
    -Napolean won a series of brilliant victories against the Austrians in Italy