Career Timeline

Timeline created by Colin Sabers
  • Graduate High School

    Graduate High School
    I hope to graduate high school with a GPA of 3.8. I hope we win the football state championship when I am a senior or sometime before I graduate.
  • First day at College

    First day at College
    I will likely go to school at SDSU like my brothers. After four years I should be able to get my Bachelor's degree in computer science. It will cost around 40,000 for tuition fees.
  • Graduate College

    Graduate College
    I hope to graduate from SDSU in 2021 with my Bachelor's degree. I hope I could get an internship somewhere in Brookings before I graduate.
  • Move to Sioux Falls

    Move to Sioux Falls
    I will move to Sioux Falls before a start to work at a new job in Sioux Falls. I will likely live in an apartment right away but after a while of working I will move to a really nice house.
  • First Day of Work

    First Day of Work
    A possible job in this career is to work for Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies at the Earth Resources Observation and Science Center near Sioux Falls as a System Engineer. The pay should start between $80,000 and $90,000.
  • Get my Master's Degree

    Get my Master's Degree
    I will get my master's degree after a few more years. I will get it so I can get more money and get a promotion eventually.
  • Promoted

    I hope by this time I could be promoted to have the job of Chief System Engineer at the EROS Center. I have quite a bit of experience by now and I am a hard worker so i should be promoted.
  • Retirement

    I will retire between age 65 and 70. If I do not stay in South Dakota I will probably go someplace warmer like California or Arizona.