Carbonade's timeline

  • Birth

    Born in the Hospital of Croix in France at 4:47 pm, 3kg150 and 49 cm.
  • Holidays at the baby club

    Holidays at the baby club
    Trip in the middle of France.
  • First step!

    First step!
    My mom stayed for 1 year at home to take care of me. I have learned how to walk.
  • School

    First time at school. I was two years and seven months.
  • Glue on my head

    Glue on my head
    I fell on my head, I had to go to the hospital and they fixed my head with glue.
  • New house

    New house
    We moved houses and my parents made the plan for the new house.
  • Little sister

    Little sister
    We had our cat: " Fourchette".
  • It climbs

    It climbs
    During summer, I did my first hiking with my family in the south of France.
  • The square shoulders are for me.

    The square shoulders are for me.
    My parents signed me up to do the swim club. I start to do my first competition. I swam in this cub for 7 years.
  • The new Mozart is me

    The new Mozart is me
    I started to play piano but for a fun fact, I stopped three years later. One of my music theory practice was at the same time as my swim practice so I quicked.
  • The snowflake medal

    The snowflake medal
    It was my first time skiing with my family. I was nine years old and I got a snowflake medal.
  • Welcome at the Scots house.

    Welcome at the Scots house.
    We did a trip during two weeks in England and Scotland. We went to the famous Loch Ness: Apparently there is a monster in this lake.
  • Bataclan's attacks

    Bataclan's attacks
    There was an attack by terrorists at a concert place in Paris.
  • The most perfect wedding

    The most perfect wedding
    My uncle and my aunt had married in this gorgeous place in the south of France. We ended the wedding with one week of holiday with all my family.
  • Cover your ears

    Cover your ears
    I went to a choral class with a musical comedy at the end of the school year.

    France won the soccer world cup. It was a party every night, all the cities were animated with music and lights.
  • July for ever

    July for ever
    I spent one month in Bretagne, at my family's property, with my cousin and all my family.
  • New culture, new country

    New culture, new country
    For my parents' anniversary, we did a trip for two weeks to Thailand. My best trip so far. The landscape, the food, and the people were amazing.
  • Deprived of going outside

    Deprived of going outside
    Covid, we couldn't go outside and see our friends.
  • Attention roadhog

    Attention roadhog
    I got my scooter. I was free now!
  • Molto bene

    Molto bene
    Trip to Italy, to Rome with my family. This city is gorgeous with its old monuments and its delicious food: the best pizza and pasta in all the world
  • 8500 km away

    8500 km away
    I came to Michigan by myself, for one year far away from my family and friends.