Canadian History 1713 - 1850

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  • British in control of North America

    British in control of North America
    In 1713 French signed the treaty, confirming British's possesion of Acadia. Which meant Acadia, Newfoundland and Hudsons Bay were now officialy English colonies.
    This meant that British could cut off the supplies of New France. Wich made the French insecure.
  • Period: to

    Canadian History

  • French start building strongest fortress in North America

    French start building strongest fortress in North America
    The French begin construction of Louisbourg, the strongest fortress in North America,
  • The very first english school

    The very first english school
    The first English school is established in Newfoundland .
  • Louisbourg

    New England forces seized Louisbourg and the Fortress of Louisbourg surrendered to the English.
  • Campaign to capture Qubec

    Campaign to capture Qubec
    James Wolfe led a campaign to capture Quebec. He sailed off in Spring with his soldiers and was later successful. Wolfe is remembered for his success in this campaign.
  • Battle against British

    Battle against British
    Pontiac, cheif of Ottowa First Nations brought together most of the First Nations in an alliance. In May of 1756, he led them into Battle Against the British. Although he was not able to defeat the British but he created awareness for native rights.
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812
    The War of 1812 was a military conflict, lasting for two and a half years. The U.S fought against the United Kingdom and Ireland to get their own rights. Canada was part of the UK at the time.
  • Laura secord warning

    Laura secord warning
    Laura Secord overheard conversations of the troops of the US about their plans to attack the British. She warned the British troops of incoming attack by the United States.
  • Rush-Bagot agreement,

    Rush-Bagot agreement,
    In 1817, the Rush-Bagot agreement was signed between Canada and the U.S., which limited the number of battleships in the Great Lakes to a total of eight.
  • Parallel border

     Parallel border
    The 49'th Parallel is the border between Canada and the United States. It was extended to the Pacific Ocean.
  • Amina's Birth Day

    Amina's Birth Day
    I was born on the twenty first day of October 2003, at eight twenty a.m,.
  • Disney world

    Disney world
    In 2006 my family and I, visited Disneyworld in Florida. We drove to South Carolina and after staying overnight at my cousin's house, we drove to disneyworld.
  • South Carolina

    South Carolina
    I visited my aunt and cousins house in Columbia, South Carolina. We stayed with my cousins for few weeks. (I am the one in the chair)
  • My Brother is Born

    My Brother is Born
    Usman, my brother was born on March 15, 2007. I loved taking care of him as a baby. My Grandmother showed me how to hold the baby carefully.
  • my sister is born

    my sister is born
    On the twenty second of July 2010, my baby sister, Emaan was born. At that time, I was six years old. I loved helping my mother to take care of the baby. I helped her feed and bathe Emaan. My brother Usman and I loved playing with her.
  • California

    We visited Southern California in the summner of 2013. We went to several places and met lots of family. We visited several theme parks, beaches and also Hollywood. My siblings and I loved going to the beach and swimming in the water. jumping the waves and building sand castles.
  • My tenth birthday

    My tenth birthday
    On my tenth Birthday, I had a big birthday party, where several of my friends. The theme of the party was cupcakes. It was a lot of fun. We decorated cupcakes, cookies and much more. In addition, my birthday cake was in the shape of a huge cupcake!
  • Atlanta Coke Factory

    Atlanta Coke Factory
    During the summer of 2014 my family and I drove for two days to visit my aunt and her family in Atlanta. My cousins had recenty moved to Atlanta from New York. While we were there, we went to the Coke Factory. My favourite part of the visit was the tasting room at the Coke Factory.
  • Miami Beach

    Miami Beach
    We visited Miami and stayed for two days at the Miami Beach. Miami Beach is a beautiful place, with white sandy beaches and warm water.
  • Deerhurst

    On June 12, my family went to Deerhurst in Muskoka.We went hiking, to the pool, the beach and much more. the wilderness is preserved and it looks bueatiful.
  • Georgia Aquariam

    Georgia Aquariam
    On the eighteenth of July 2015, my family and I visited the Georgia Aquariam in Atlanta, Georgia. It is an amazing aquarium, with hundreds of different types of water creatures, from the oceans, lakes and rivers. The biggest fish there was the Whale Shark. I thought the most cutest exhimit were the dolphins and the penguins. We found out that it is one of the biggest aquariam in the world!