• 2.2 Genetic limits

    This is when a scientist takes the embro out of my mother's uterus and triples my cell division, so that according to the Hayflick limit, when I become a fetus, my lifespan will be longer.
  • 4.4 childhood attachment experiences

    I cannot really think of an exact times of experiences that could contributed to my attachment styles but I do not remember my parents ever being in the same room together. I was always being passed on back and forth between my mother and father. At times I am with my dad for weeks and weeks without my mom and vice versa during the summer. I developed that attachment style of not getting too attached to people because visits are short and I am used to it. I am used to being by myself.
  • 2.1 oxidative damage

    I was a freshman in high school. This is when we need to add a permanent feeding tube to our stomachs and keep feeding ourselves with blueberry liquids and it will slow down the oxidative damages and prolong our health.
  • 7.3 Major Life event

    This was the day when I discovered my brother's death. I was in shock, and I could not believe that my 20 year old brother was dead. My mother found him dead in his bedroom and she has not been the same since then. I had an abundance of social coping support from my friends and family, if it wasnt for them, I would not be able to cope with the stress that was put upon me by my mother. I believe I used the meotion-focused coping mechanism, I distanced myself from the problem by going to school.
  • 4.1 Young adult transition

    This is when I moved out of my parents house to go to college. Yes, I moved into the dorms when I was a freshman but I was still very dependent on my parents, I still did not obtain the responsibilites of a young adult should. I decided to pick on the day I moved into my first apartment my sophomore year. I learned how to cook, clean the entire apartment, owned my first pet on my own, had my first car and made my own bill payments.
  • 6.3 Identity

    I watched one of the classmates life history videos and she mentioned that he did not get in any serious trouble or even engaged in a dating lifestyle because all he did was work. He clearly set up an ideology of himself as a working man and he set his personal values in accordance of his occupational identity. She failed to mention how old he was, but I can sense that he had just gotten out of high school and went straight to work to earn money to support himself.
  • 7.2 Transistions

    I left college and moved away from California, my homestate and Washington DC, where I lived in my college years to obtain a job in Massachusetts. I expereinced a transistion from the typical college lifestyle, while still lingering onto my parent's guidance and money to settling down in an apartment and working a full time job that gave me checks biweekly and paid for 5 new bills for my apartment.
  • 1.1 beginning

    I consider this day I turned to be an adult because it is when I first experienced my normative age-graded influence. I had started my first full-time job and I moved on my own to my first apartment. On this day, my boss had announced, 'Employee A has been terminated from Walden School, he is no longer with us.' I started to realize that I have obtained responsibilities to make sure I show up to work on time and do my duties with 100% effort. If I dont, my bills dont get paid.
  • 2.3 my current healthy lifestyle

    Ive answered NO for two things, exercise for more than 150 mins a week and avoid drinking alcohol. Sunscreen isnt a concern now because its cold outside and I do not really go outside much. I know I should exercise more and I try to do that by taking the stairs only in my dorm, and I live on the 7th floor.
  • 4.3 adult attachment style

    I scored 3.23 from 1-7 attachment anxiety score and
    4.14 1-7 attachment avoidance score, it means my anxiety and avoidance is in the lower spectrum of both attachment types. I am not worried about being alone, I am just worried of losing the person I love. Not because I could possibly push the person away but if my partner dies unexpectedly, that is my biggest fear. Although, with people in general as in friendships, I do get uncomfortable getting too close because I can only trust myself.
  • 7.1- Fowler

    I believe I am at the individuative-reflective faith stage; I am now a college student and I shifted from being under my parent's authority to live on my own, live in an apartment, cook my own food and develop a sense of individuality. I will prove everyone wrong by graduating from college and learn from the mistakes I have made in the past.
  • 8.1 obituary

    Brittnie Culley passed away at a young age. She was the CEO of the Legend of Zelda gaming series. She had dedicated her life to ensure that the Zelda series stayed on the top of the line of all games. She was electrocuted to death when she was drinking coffee and accidentally spilled on an open circuit cord that was plugged into a wall socket filled with 20 other plugs. She was survived by her parents, and younger brother. Culley will be forever remembered by her Zelda fans.
  • 6.4 intimacy

    One of the life history videos, one of the classmates discussed about this man's initmacy period. He had grown up with his wife of 42 years, but at the age of 20- he and his then girlfriend had taken consideration about each other and realized that they should create 'we' into one and then married for 42 years.
  • 6.1 My RIASEC type

    My RIASEC type is ISA (Investigative, Social and Artistic) My career goal is to help people- specifically children. All the lists of occupations that ISA offers were psychologists, mental health counselors, clinical psychologist, etc. I definitely want to help out with people, my personality trait fits the social aspect whereas I do want to minimize other people's problems by investigating their situations. I was amazed of the results because I do want to pursue those kinds of careers.
  • 6.2 Super's Stages

    I choose Establishment, at the year 2028 I would be 40 years old and I should already be a therapist that provides comprehensive treatment and educational services for Deaf children. I want to work with children who are challenged by severe social and emotional difficulties, resulting from childhood trauma, mental illness, and/or organic dysfunctions. I can imagine being a supervisor for all therapists and have the possibilites of advancing to become a part of the administration team in a few ye
  • 2.4 potential consquences of my lifestyle

    I believe by the time I turn 50 on this day, I will have good skin because I do not go out in the sun often, but I have a feeling that I will be overweight because I do not exercise and I do not avoid foods that potentially give me chest pains/heart burns. I take medicine often to relieve the pain I get from certain food.
  • 3.2 attention

    My attention to details will decline as I reach to this age. I will need assistance to make sure I have taken my medication in the proper dosage at the proper time. The use of medication dispenser will help me with my attention to detail and to make sure that i do not make a mistake.
  • 3.1 working memory

    This is when my working memory will decline. My mental energy and attentional resources will not work as well as younger people do. I will not be able to use strategies that will require working-memory tasks. I will have difficulties of remembering a list of groceries at a grocery store without looking at the list itself.
  • 4.2 Older adult role transition

    This was not mentioned in the textbook because I do not believe in marriages and I do not plan to have children in my life. I thought of when I will be retiring, I know it will be a huge transition in my life knowing I cannot work anymore and that I will start to reflect on my entire life what I have done. I would have settled into my retirement home and live off of my retirement settlement.