Brittney's Time Line

Timeline created by BrittneyDan
  • Day of Birth

    The most improtant day of my life is the day I was born. The day of my birth is the day I came into this world.
  • My First Wedding

    My First Wedding
    I was only three at the time. A three-year-old is not a good idea when it comes to wedding guests. I loved to spin around in circles until I fell down and laughed about it. This photo was taken before the reception. The bride wanted me to wait in the reception area, because I had always said eewww every time I saw people kiss. so the bride requested that I stay in that room.
  • Enrolled in TaeKwonDo

    Enrolled in TaeKwonDo
    My dad enrolled me into taekwondo when I was six and a half -years -old. He thought it would be good if I learned self -defense. At a young age I learned to laugh at pain. This is the only photo I have of me in my uniform, but it is the picture my mom took after I earned my black belt.
  • My first camp

    My first camp
    This is my cabin. I was in a cabin called Mohawk. every cabin was called by an english version of the native languages. I stayed in this cabin for five weeks. This is also where I met my best friend.
  • My Best Friend

    My Best Friend
    We met at camp and we clicked. It was a strange connection, but my mother and his mother became best friends after we became friends. He moved to Tennessee, but we still keep in touch.
  • I met Joe Jonas

    I met Joe Jonas
    People in all my classes still ask me, "Aren't you that girl that met Joe Jonas?". I met him a long time ago, I was in the sixth grade when I met him. I had to wear the strange clothes for a thing my dad bribed me to do for his boss. My mother was supposed to do it, but my little brother fell ill at the last minute.
  • I watched a Dallas Cowboys game.

    I watched a Dallas Cowboys game.
    I went to the last game in the old Dallas Cowboys' stadium. The stadium was torn down a couple of days later. Thisis the cheerleaders doing a number for half time.
  • I broke my arm

    I broke my arm
    I fell ice skating and broke both bones in my arm. I broke my radius and my ulna. I joked of using the cast as a weapon against my brother.
  • My spoiled Brat joins the Family

    My spoiled Brat joins the Family
    My brother begged our friends for a French Bulldogs. Before they moved, they brought him....Bosco Stick. A dog who belongs to my brother, but thinks I belong to him.
  • My Trip to Disney World

    My Trip to Disney World
    It was the BEST TIME EVER!!! We went on a ride called Soarin', it was awesome. I st down in the hang glider like seats and watched as the lights turned down and the ride began. The veiw was amazing, from soaring over trees, to the ocean, to Niagra Falls, the view was epic. The best part was the mist that surrounded us when we flew over the Falls.
  • Marching Band camp

    Marching Band camp
    Marching band camp is an intsense two weeks. Many people pass out, throw up, or get heat stroke while going to the camp. Some people lose twenty pounds over the course of the camp. Some have called it hades on earth. I can understand why people bring a gallon of water to every morning session. their water supply is usally gone by lunchtime.
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
  • College Graduation

    College Graduation
    Graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Health Sciences, Pre-Med with acceptance to University of Arkansas Medical Sciences so I can do my internship and course at Arkansas Children's Hospital
  • Medical School Graduation

    Medical School Graduation
    Graduate from U.A.M.S. as Dr. B. Michelle Daniels, M.D. I will specialize in pediatrics and osteopathism.